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South Winnetka Heights

Published: 20 September 2008

A small neighborhood with big plans 

South Winnetka Heights was actually platted in the first decade of the 1900’s as Winnetka Heights. Homeowner deeds confirm the Winnetka Heights designation. Bordered on the west by S. Edgefield Ave., the south by Brooklyn Ave., the north by 12th Street and the east by S. Polk Street, the neighborhood homes look very much like the community’s namesake to the immediate north. Most of the lovely craftsman style homes were built between 1925 and 1930. Though small in area, only four blocks long and one block wide, big changes are underway. The neighborhood is undergoing a significant resurgence. While dubbed South Winnetka Heights by local residents, the name is subject to change aligned with plans to seek designation as a conservation district. Look for more information on the imminent community renaissance in South Winnetka Heights.

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