2021 (October) Grants Awarded


Grant Projects

Awarded Amount          

East Kessler Park Neighborhood Association Median Improvement Project $2,075.00

Wynnewood North Association Directory $889.13
Teacher Appreciation

Pet Microchip Scanner

El Tivoli Place Neighborhood Association Community Event Series $500.00

Elmwood Neighborhood AssociationFall Fest $1,542.29
Elmwoof Additions

Winnetka Heights Neighborhood Association Sidewalk Repair $2,075.00

Total Grants Awarded


2021 (June) Grants Awarded


Grant Projects

Awarded Amount          

Brettonwoods (BNA) Postcards / Mailing $1,040.17

BNA Meeting Signs
National Night Out
BNA Shirts
Kiestwood Historical (KHHA) Door Hangers $483.00
National Night Out

Website Hosting
KHHA Yard Signs

Steven's Park Village (SPVNA) SVPNA Beautification $1,094.14

Movie Night

West Kessler (WKNA) Directory and Communications $1,802.40
Wall Mural
Wynnewood North (WNNA) Garden Maintenance $3,498.20
Website Hosting
Total Grants Awarded


2019 Grants Awarded


Grant Projects

Awarded Amount          

Brettonwoods Ntl Night Out $925
East Kessler

Safety Vests

Elmwood Mardi Gras Float $500

Kimball Square Neighborhood Association Sign Toppers $1,199

Oak Park Estates Sign Toppers $2,025
AV Equipment

Social Events
Steven's Park Estates Cinco de Mayo Block Party $500
Stevens Park Estates and Stevens Park Village Neighborhood Association Playground Equip $2,100
Tenth Street Residential Association Junteenth Celebration $250
Winnetka Heights Natl Night Out $2,000
Family Fun Night
Event Flags
Wynnewood North Garden Maintenance $3,296
Yard of the Month
Newsletter Printing
Website Maintenance
School Projects
Natl Night Out

2018 Grants Awarded


Grant Projects

Awarded Amount

Brettonwoods            National Night Out $850
           Website Hosting and Maintenance
           Annual Postcard Mailer
East Kessler Website Improvement $5,319
Kessler Plaza / Ravinia Heights Entry Beautification $5,319
Kessler Neighbors United Kessler Steps $5,319
Belleau Drive Landing
Kimball Square Project Involvement / Outreach $500
Kings Highway C.D. Mardi Gras Float $4,000
Stone Park Beautification
Oak Park Estates Door Hangers $719
Yard Signs
School Uniforms
LO Daniel Sidewalk Repair $2,705
Neighborhood Events
Steven's Park Estates Cinco de Mayo Block Party $2,356
Sidewalk Repair
Sunset Hill Neighborhood Block Party / Food Drive $498
West Kessler Electricity for Island Gardens $2,504
Neighborhood Directory
Curb Address Painting
Mardi Gras Entry
Winnetka Heights National Night Out $5,819
Sidewalk Repair
Family Fun Fest
Wynnewood North Neighborhood School Projects  $4,088
Wander Yard Signs
Web Hosting
Newsletter and Directory Printing
Dog Waste Bags for Waste Stations
Flower / Lawn Triangle Maintenance
VIP T-Shirts
National Night Out

2017 Grants Awarded


Grant Projects

Awarded Amount

Brettonwoods website development & 12month hosting                              $1,664 
website development & 12month hosting
sign toppers
special event signs
crime watch signs
post card mailer
know your neighbor card 
design fees
East Kessler meeting signs                                 $226 
Elmwood dog park installation                              $5,745 
Kessler Plaza Moss Park security lights                             $3,000
Kiest Park Community Group Preservation of Memorial Tree Grove Plaques                              $1,350 
501(c)3 tax exemption IRS
LO Daniel sidewalk replace/repair                              $2,166 
web hosting 
Steven's Park Estates outdoor classroom                              $1,135 
Steven's Park Elementary
Steven's Park Village outdoor classroom                              $1,135
Steven's Park Elementary
West Kessler slow down campaign                              $3,760
electricity in cul de sac
501(c)3 tax exemption IRS
Winnetka walkable winnetka                              $3,900 
Wynnewood North sign toppers   (27)                              $3,083 
address painting
newsletter printing
landscaping triangles
web hosting
GRAND TOTAL AWARDED                             $27,164.00 

The 2016 Heritage OC Neighborhood Grants Have Been Awarded!

 Published: 23 June 2016

Above, the well choreographed L.O. Daniel representatives accept their award from Heritage OC VP of Neighborhoods, Angie Mobley.

The 2016 Heritage OC Neighborhood Grants, totaling $19,639.54, have been awarded to the following neighborhoods -

 Read more: The 2016 Heritage OC Neighborhood Grants Have Been Awarded!

Tier II Grants announced

 Published: 09 September 2014

shovel stuck into newly turned dirt

At Monday night's reveal meeting, the 2014 Tier II Grants were announced.
Tier II grants are Nonprofit Supplemental Grants, which are funded by moneys left over from the Neighborhood Grants. These projects help enrich our community making Oak Cliff an even better place to live.

Congratulations to:

*** Dallas Mexican American Historical League toward obtaining a Landmark Designation for the Eagle Ford School.

*** Hampton-Illinois Library Friends toward the purchase of Legos at the Library.

*** Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts toward their Turner House North Roof Restoration project.

*** Dallas Homeowners League, to help toward their expense in putting on their DHL Boot Camp in August 2015.

*** Twelve Hills Nature Center, Inc for improvements to their Parking Area, an eco-friendly endeaver.

*** Texas Garden Clubs, Inc & Friends of Oak Cliff Parks in their joint Monarch Butterfly Way Station Project.

*** Fort Worth Avenue Development Group toward maintenance of the Western Heights Cemetery.

Grant Winners (Present Day and Historical)

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