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North Cliff

 Published: 20 September 2008

Beautifully green and cozy

What was once a pastoral area of large estates, dairy farms and rural frame homes, is now this pleasant North Cliff neighborhood.

North Cliff was originally developed as the Crawford Park and Sunset tracts in the 1920s. The streets run along a creek ravine that flows through adjacent Ravinia Heights. This is surprising to first time visitors who don't know about this pocket of green. Homes include modest woodframe bungalows, Austin stone and brick Tudors, traditional cottages and ranchettes. The southern section especially has many charming Tudor cottages. The aforementioned estates are Tudor and Craftsman style, and are beautifully maintained. Unexpectedly, little whitewashed farmhouses are tucked in between "newer" vintage homes as well.

"A community with a purpose"

The North Cliff Neighborhood Association was formed in 1987 and works hard to respond to residents' needs. Crime watch, recycling, monthly newsletters, meetings, and regular neighborhood activities are among the many benefits offered to its homeowners. All these attributes help define North Cliff's motto: "A community with a purpose".

Visit the North Cliff Neighborhood Association Website .

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