Founded in 1975, Heritage Oak Cliff includes more than 30 member neighborhoods stretching from Interstate 30 south to Camp Wisdom Road. From long-established neighborhood associations to smaller neighborhood groups just getting organized, all contribute to the beauty, diversity, and vitality that is Oak Cliff. For over 40 years, Heritage Oak Cliff has produced Dallas’ longest-running home tour each autumn. Our largest annual fundraiser, the proceeds of the tour are used to grant awards to member neighborhoods for conservation, beautification, preservation, and other projects that enhance the character and charm of the area.

M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T

To preserve and enhance the architectural, historic, and cultural heritage and natural resources of Oak Cliff through direct action and public education.

To support the neighborhoods of Heritage Oak Cliff with assistance, grants, and training, and to serve as an umbrella organization unifying the neighborhoods for greater advocacy and representation with the City of Dallas.

To promote communication and cooperation between and among organizations and community groups to increase their effectiveness in addressing issues affecting Oak Cliff.

To promote Oak Cliff to the wider community as an exceptional place to live!

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