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Heritage Oak Cliff has a long legacy of delivering a great home tour in the Fall of each year. However, 2020 the home tour was cancelled due to the world wide pandemic. We may again return to the home tour, in the future, but for now, thanks to John Stolly's massive archive he shared with us, we have a representation of each year of the home tour from 2003 to 2019. Take a moment to check out the logos, program covers, poster artwork, and tour maps. It is so much fun to look back and see the progression of these events and to see how much Heritage Oak Cliff works to help the neighborhoods and showcase all of the great things about living in Oak Cliff. Click on the logo of the tour year you want to check out and take a trip back in time.

2003 Tour

2004 Tour

2005 Tour

2006 Tour

2007 Tour

2008 Tour

We do not have data on this home tour year.

2009 Tour

2010 Tour

2011 Tour

2012 Tour

2013 Tour

2014 Tour

2015 Tour

2016 Tour

2017 Tour

2018 Tour

2019 Tour

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