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El Tivoli Place

 Published: 19 September 2008

El Tivoli Place is a well-established neighborhood and remains one of North Oak Cliff's hidden treasures. It is nestled between Davis to the south, Plymouth to the east, Avon to the north, and Westmount to the west.

From Dairy Farm to Country Club to Navy Housing

The neighborhood’s history dates back to the end of WWII when it was developed for Navy personnel returning from the war and stationed at the growing naval base in Grand Prairie. Prior to that, the area was a country club which was owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese. Old-timers say the clubhouse was located at 2718 San Jose and was surrounded by large cedar trees. Even today a few of those cedars remain at the site of the old clubhouse. Along with prohibition came the end of the country club and golf course. As a matter of fact, the neighborhood gets its name from the old club, El Tivoli Country Club. Prior to that, the area was a dairy farm.

One of Old Oak Cliff's Hidden Treasures

Like many old Oak Cliff neighborhoods, El Tivoli Place has had its share of challenges over the years. After a general decline in the late 70’s and early 80’s a few dedicated residents created El Tivoli Place Neighborhood Association in 1986. Over the years the association has steadily grown and has seen a dramatic decrease in crime, dilapidated houses, and code compliance issues; while seeing an increase in property values, ownership, and pride.

With its winding streets, hilly terrain, creeks, and magnificent trees, residents and potential homebuyers find the physical attributes of the neighborhood very appealing. Put that together with well-built brick homes, a serene and quiet setting, its proximity to downtown, and affordability, and you’ll understand why El Tivoli Place remains one of old Oak Cliff's hidden treasures.

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The entrance to the El Tivoli Country Club probably near Davis and Reverchon.  

The El Tivoli Nightclub was at 2718 San Jose. 

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