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Where to Get Your Stamps (and Your Fun)

If you’re not excited about the upcoming Passport Oak Cliff, you should be! Heritage Oak Cliff is getting support from every corner of our neighborhood, including these 14 wonderful, interesting, fun, family-friendly attractions.

We are adding two special concert events see below at Arrington Roofing. Free entry with Passport - included in purchase of Passport.

At the end of each day of Passport, we will have a family friendly celebration to get a little community building time. We will have raffle drawings and will announce the 2021 2nd Cycle Neighborhood Grant Awards. 

Saturday - 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. - Turner House, 401 Rosemont Ave., Dallas TX 75208

Sunday - 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. - Tyler Station, 1300 S Polk St., Dallas TX 75224

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are Required for All Passport Events. Tickets will be swapped for the Passport Guides before the event.

Winnetka Heights

Arts Mission Oak Cliff with self-guided tour, artists and interactive paintings and/or outdoor games.

North Cliff

This family carnival will be at the North Cliff Neighborhood Center with music, games, photo booths and a chance to get in costume.                              

Stevens Park Village

Renowned Alley Garden. Come and see why this garden is renowned. Get home gardening tips from a famous certified master gardener. They’re featuring a backyard oasis, too.

El Tivoli Place

Historical Open Porches with period dress including closed period nightclub and put-put courses on site of old golf course and former land of St. Paul Hospital / Catholic Diocese.


Artist Fair. This attraction takes place in the heart of old downtown Elmwood  working in conjunction with Elmwood Farm; Artists fair at an old Elmwood building with an interactive mural wall plus snacks from whatever is in season from the Elmwood Farm.

Oakland Terrace

Elmwood Farm.


Gladiolus Aviary Ranch. Experience this certified wildlife habitat and get a free wildflower gift (while supplies last).

East Kessler Park

Historic Greenbriar Pocket Park. Enjoy the park, plus the free yoga classes and live music throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Oak Park Estates

Yards of the Month Garden Tours. See mid-century homes tucked in a hilly terrain showcase, each with a unique style and seasoned vegetation.

Wynnewood North

Urban Gardening and Backyard Tour. Besides learning about urban gardening, you can also enjoy a backyard tour, a scavenger hunt, the first home built in this neighborhood and posters explaining the ship street name history.

Stevens Park Estates 

Starts with a historian and conservationist at the Steven Pak Country Club Pavilion followed by tour of 4 different architectural style home.

Winnetka Heights / Historical Turner House

Historical Turner House. Check out the home of the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts. Built in 1912, it‘s an outstanding example of modified Prairie architecture.

Polk Vernon

Two Special Parties. On Saturday, see a day of arts activities and a private movie screening at our local Oak Cliff Cultural Center, on Jefferson Blvd. On Sunday, join us at the Oak Cliff Brewing Company outdoor beer garden at Tyler/Station for for a block party with local vendors, food and music.

West Kessler

Twelve Hills Nature Center. Learn from a Master Naturalist, then enjoy the virtual tours and butterflies migrating through the nature center vegetation.

Kiest Park Community

Kiest Memorial Tree Grove. See one of the results of the Dallas GrowSouth grant and other bond monies. Learn how this project reflects the past, plus visit the Vaughan Brothers Art Project.

Special Concert Venue - Additional Tickets Required

Concert venue at Arrington Roofing Offices; 2 hours both Sat and Sun 1:00—3:00; limited attendance, Free entry with Passport - included in purchase of Passport.

Saturday, October 23, 1:00 – 3:00 pm - SWEATIN’ BULLETS
This traditional country music group is made up of four good friends who have been playing together for more 25 years. Thier love for the music – and each other – comes through in every boot scootin’ song.
Free entry with Passport - included in purchase of Passport.

Sunday, October 24, 1:00 – 3:00 pm - HAPPY CAMPERS
It started as three dads playing songs for their children at YMCA Indian Guides campouts. 25 years later, Happy Campers has grown into a 7-man classic rock band that brings out the child in all of us.
Free entry with Passport - included in purchase of Passport.

It’s Not Too Late to Join Us

Don’t forget to buy your tickets – for yourself and your whole family. And feel free to invite friends, extended family, co-workers, clients and anyone else you think would like a weekend of good family fun in DFW’s best neighborhood.

See you there!


Trudy Newton
Chair, Passport Oak Cliff
Heritage Oak Cliff

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the tour!

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