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Oak Park Estates

 Published: 01 October 2008

Towering trees, rolling terrain, greenbelt areas

The Oak Park Estates neighborhood is surrounded by towering trees, rolling terrain and an abundance of greenbelt areas with Five Mile Creek cutting through the center of the neighborhood. The boundaries of the northern section of the neighborhood are Kiest Blvd. to the north, Pentagon Pkwy. to the south, Rugged Drive to the west and Navajo Drive to the east. The boundaries of the southern section of the neighborhood are Five Mile Parkway to the north, White Dove Drive to the south, Rugged Drive to the west and Lost Creek Drive to the east.

Oak Park Estates is within walking distance to Kiest Tennis Center & Kiest Park, one of Dallas' largest public park facilities. It is home to 1 private school and 1 public elementary school. It is only a 10-minute commute to Downtown Dallas, which makes it very convenient to the Dallas Arts District and the central business corridor.  It is a stable, friendly, caring neighborhood where neighbors look after neighbors.  Many of the residents have lived there more than 30 years.

Neighborhood History

There are approximately 590 homes in the neighborhood. The northern section of the neighborhood was originally developed in 1955 by local Dallas developers, Vernon and James Smith, with the southern section added in the 1960's by developer Fred Partleton. The northern and southern sections are separated by Five Mile Creek, which runs through the middle of the neighborhood and is a wildlife haven, exhibiting many species of birds, reptiles and mammals.  The Oak Park Estates development was marketed simply as “Oak Cliff’s finest neighborhood.”

Oak Park Estates has a rich history of community involvement. There has been a neighborhood association, crime watch committee, and/or garden club existing as far back as the early 1960's. The current Oak Park Estates Neighborhood Association (OPENA) was officially incorporated in January 2008.  The meetings are lively collaborations with our neighbors.  We engage on issues affecting our neighborhood and devise action plans to make our neighborhood a serene, pleasant place to live and raise a family

A Dallas "Pocket Neighborhood"

Today, Oak Park Estates is still one of Oak Cliff’s hidden treasures as a Dallas “pocket neighborhood”. The Oak Park Estates Neighborhood Association has the goal to bring the community together to maintain and strengthen the high quality of life that has traditionally been the experience in the neighborhood. 

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