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Heritage Oak Cliff, founded as the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, was formed in 1975 primarily to save Winnetka Heights from a demise that would have left an irreplaceable hole in Dallas’ history. Today, Winnetka Heights is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Oak Cliff and remains an integral part of the Dallas community.

Almost every street in Oak Cliff has a story to tell and showcases the great diversity of Dallas. Those who choose to settle here do so for Oak Cliff’s beauty and rich history. Many built large gorgeous homes designed by some of the most talented architects of the day. Others focused on smaller homes designed by planners and architects with an eye toward quality, durability and family life. Over time, styles continue to evolve, and new neighborhoods emerge to reflect those changes. Heritage Oak Cliff views all neighborhoods as partners in promoting Oak Cliff as a thriving community welcoming to all.

Today Heritage counts more than 30 member neighborhoods, stretching from Interstate 30 south to Camp Wisdom Road. From long established neighborhood associations to smaller neighborhood groups beginning their journeys, all contribute to the beauty, diversity, and vitality that is Oak Cliff.

For over 40 years, Heritage OC has produced the annual Old Oak Cliff Home Tour. The proceeds of the tour are used to grant awards to member neighborhoods for conservation, beautification and preservation projects and other projects that enhance the character and charm of the area.

Executive Committee Members

You can message any of the members of the Executive Board by clicking on their name. We would love to hear from you!

The President presides over the executive committee, board, and membership meetings, representing and promoting Heritage Oak Cliff in all situations.



The Secretary tracks attendance and provides minutes of executive board and membership meetings and maintains roster of board members.

Jim Hauck

The Vice President of Communications maintains news relations with media, writes press releases, creates newsletters, and is appointed webmaster and administrator.


Paul Carden

The Vice President of Membership maintains the membership roster/database, recruits new members, and organizes community activities with Events Chair.


Juana Veliz

The Vice President acts as the representative of the President, appoints the Chair of the annual Passport Oak Cliff Committee, and is the liaison to at-large members.


Tim Hill

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting Heritage Oak Cliff revenue, disburses funds, and provides monthly financial reports.


Susan Lee

The Vice President of Neighborhoods acts as a liaison between the Heritage Oak Cliff board and neighborhood associations, as well as chair the Grants Committee.


The Immediate Past President provides advisement to the current President and is responsible for coordinating Oak Cliff Live and other special events.


Trudy Newton

The Special Events Chair leads the Passport Oak Cliff event and manages other special membership events throughout the year along with the Grant Awards Celebration.


Mike Matthews

The Fundraising Chair is responsible maintaining relationships with Business Members and Donors, along with establishing new relationships and leading fundraising efforts.

Members At Large

At-Large Members are elected by the membership to represent concerns of the general Oak Cliff community, without reference to one individual neighborhood. These members help Heritage Oak Cliff gain a “big picture” insight on what is happening in the community. The Executive Officers are elected from among the At-Large Member.

      • Craig Wheeler
      • David Preziosi
      • Ric Shanahan

Neighborhood Representatives

Every member neighborhood is asked to designate a representative to attend Heritage Oak Cliff board meetings, vote on actions, and serve on various committees and projects. Neighborhood Representatives carry information from Heritage Oak Cliff back to their neighborhoods and, in turn, bring their neighborhood’s concerns to our attention.


Beckley Club Estates


Beverly Hills

Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts Neighborhood


Cedar Crest Village

Cedar Oaks

East Kessler Park

El Tivoli Place

Elderoaks Civic Association


Glen Oaks

Hampton Hills

Kessler Neighbors United

Kessler Plaza

Kidd Springs

Kiest Park Community Group


Kimball Square

Kings Highway

L.O. Daniel

Lake Cliff

North Cliff

Oak Park Estates

Oakland Terrace

Polk Vernon

Ravinia Heights

Ruthmeade Place

South Winnetka Heights

Stevens Park Estates

Stevens Park Village

Summit Lawn

Sunset Hill

Tenth Street/Freedmans Town

The Dells District

West Kessler

Winnetka Heights

Wynnewood Heights

Wynnewood North

Primary Contact

Juana Veliz

Judi Glazer

Barbara Barbee

Barbara Macleod

Jacy Elston

Bill Farrell

Steven Springfield

Cirzy Gonzalez

Mark Drennan

Stacy Hillburn

Judy Brooks

Melinda Mahaffey

Frankie Reed

Lybo Buchanan

Angela Angel

Katrina Whatley

Mike Matthews

James Fairchild

David Klempin

Astrid Fuentes

Jane Rogers

Trudy Newton

Lauren Yamaoka

Patricia Cox

Stephanie Engwall

Richard Ewers

Stan Aten

Gary Ellis

Secondary Contact

JD Jasso

Maggie Huff

Charlie Brooks

Jon Montgomery

James Matthews

Yolanda Alameda

Zac Chandler

Rosa Medrano

Teresa Norton

Call for Nominations for 2022 Officers and Chairs

Heritage Oak Cliff has opened the call for nominations for officers and leaders for the next year. Over the next couple months we are accepting nominations for all officers and chairs in the organization. Nominees must be an HOC member in good standing and is active within their neighborhood.

Please complete the form below for nominations.

Questions, please contact our nominations committee:

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