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 Published: 20 September 2008

Occupying the rocky, wooded southwest corner of Stevens Park golf course, the former neighborhoods of Stevenswood and West Kessler Heights spanned a period of five decades. The two developments joined together in 1982 to form the West Kessler Neighborhood Association.

Unique topography

The topography has inspired some interesting homes over the years. The older developments have many late-1930s Tudor cottages, while later additions include Austin stone and brick houses in traditional and ranch styles. Of particular note are the Dilbeck-style split-levels built into the hillside adjacent to Hampton Road. Landmark homes include a modern-style estate on Hampton Road built in the early 1950s by J.C. Calabria, a prominent Oak Cliff physician. Originally dubbed "Modern Manor," it sits on a large piece of land overlooking a wooded creek next to the golf course. Completely restored a few years ago, it retains many original features. Another spacious, modem-style home, built for Dr. Calabria's brother, occupies a large lot on N. Oak Cliff Boulevard. It was designed by architects Sam Bass and Jess Epps, and built by Perry Greenspan.

Great organization

West Kessler has one of the most active and organized neighborhood associations in the north Oak Cliff area. Seasonal social events help residents of all ages and backgrounds foster new relationships. The association publishes a neighborhood directory and a bi-monthly newsletter; it holds annual neighborhood garage sales, recognizes "yards of the month," monitors code enforcement, and works on special projects. This fine organization, plus a beautiful development built on wooded bluffs, make West Kessler a desirable address.

Visit the West Kessler Neighborhood Association Website and The West Kessler Wikipedia Page

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