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Dells District

The Dells District


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About The Neighborhood

Neighborhood History

Old-time charm

The Dell neighborhood is a small pocket of brick and stone cottages located southwest of the Jefferson Boulevard and Westmoreland Road intersection. It was first developed as the Irwindell Addition by a Mr. Irwin in the late 1920s, and a number of Tudor cottages were built dating from 1929 to the early 1930s. These homes were typical of the era with steep gabled rooflines, brick archways and porches.

Ranches, Tudors, and lost arches

Originally, rock arches marked the street corners at the entry. These, along with a row of houses, were lost with the widening of Westmoreland Road. Development stowed until after WW II when a number of small, traditional ranchstyle houses were constructed on the remaining lots. These homes, with exteriors of pale brick, limestone, or a combination of the two, blend well with the older cottages, keeping the same scale as their Tudor counterparts. The plat of Richland Hills addition completes the Dell District as we know it today.

Nestled in a wooded area off a busy street, the neighborhood backs up to the riverbed of Coombs' Creek. This same creek meanders up through Stevens Park Golf Course and several Oak Cliff developments to the east and north. The Dell District remains a charming enclave of cottages with well- established trees and an excellent potential for first-time homebuyers.

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