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      A Good Day for the Planet – and the City

The 16th Oak Cliff Earth Day on April 16th in Lake Cliff Park was a big success. In addition to great music, lots of helpful information and the dedication of a 175-year-old tree, your own HOC had a well-attended booth. We shared info about our organization, upcoming events, sold mugs and books, and had visitors register for free memberships.

The Fort Worth Avenue Development Group also had a booth to raise awareness of their initiative to refurbish the abandoned Western Heights Cemetery where Clyde Barrow (of Bonnie and Clyde) is buried, among veterans from the Civil War and the World Wars.

      Sprouts Approved for Oak Cliff       

From Council Member Chad West:

Neighborhood leaders and friends,

I’m happy to report that the Sprouts zoning matter proposed for the corner of Fort Worth Avenue and Hampton Road was unanimously approved by the Dallas City Council. In the months since the City Plan Commission denied the zoning application, neighborhood leaders and I continued to work with the applicant to seek the additional concessions noted in the Motion, and I appreciate my colleagues on City Council supporting these efforts. 

Special thanks to the following individuals:

  • D1 Plan Commissioner Amanda Popken
  • Katherine Homan, Fort Worth Avenue Development Group President, and the entire FWADG team
  • David Preziosi, representative for Stevens Park Village
  • Jeff Herrington, architect of the community survey and representative of Stevens Park Estates
  • Rebecca Mohr, President of El Tivoli neighborhood
  • Jane Hamilton, neighbor who assisted with community engagement
  • Brian Maynard, Tim Herfel, Trudy Newton, and Kris Butler, who appeared in person or virtually today (in addition to several of the folks above) to speak in favor of the revised site plan and conditions
  • The 1480 neighbors within 3 miles of the site who took the community survey and attended meetings

Sprouts has not updated me on their timeline for construction – the D1 office will keep everyone informed as more information develops. 

Thank you!


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Upcoming Events

Heritage Oak Cliff Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the architectural, historic and cultural heritage of Oak Cliff, as well as its natural resources, through direct action and public education. We will support our neighborhoods through assistance, grants and training, serving as an umbrella organization that unifies the community for greater advocacy and representation with the City of Dallas. We will promote communication and cooperation between and among organizations and community groups, in order to increase their effectiveness in addressing issues affecting Oak Cliff. It is also our mission to promote Oak Cliff to the wider community as an exceptional place to live.

Heritage Oak Cliff Equity Statement

Heritage Oak Cliff (HOC) champions equity, diversity, and inclusion by providing training, services, and grants to member neighborhoods, and by helping under-resourced and underserved neighborhoods reach their full potential.

CONTACT US - You can message any of our Executive Committee MembersMembers by clicking on their name on at About Us page which shows their email address. Board Members and General Members can be found via the Membership Directory.

Mailing Address:

Heritage Oak Cliff

P.O. Box 4027
Dallas, Texas  75208

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