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You Gave Local – and We Thank You

The HOC NTX Giving Day campaign for 2023 is over, and it was a big success. You guys clicked a lot of big red hearts over the last three weeks (the heart above is not clickable, by the way). While we didn't quite reach our goal, we did raise a lot of money ($7,808!), all of which will go to our grant program to create positive local change that you will see down the road.

Congratulations to you all, plus a special shout-out to our Fundraising Chair Mike Matthews. Not only did he send out dozens of personal emails and thank-yous, but he also made a substantial personal donation that accounts for almost 1/3 of our success.

Thanks again, amazing neighbors and friends, and start saving up for next year!

The Fall Home Tour is back!

Join us for a incredible tour of houses in Oak Cliff!

More Info Here

2023 HOC Grant Awards Recipients

The 2023 HOC Grant Awards Celebration is over, but there's still a lot to celebrate. Congratulations to all ten neighborhood association recipients, and many thanks to our VP of Grants, Cynthia Michaels (shown handing out the awards above – if you want to see more photos of the celebration, click here). We look forward to the completion of all your creative and thoughtful projects – and the improvements to our community – over the coming months. Below is a list of the recipients, their projects and the grant monies awarded. Time to start thinking about next year's applications!

    • Winnetka Heights: Walkable Winnetka, Family Fun Fest and National Night Out – $4,500
    • Brettonwoods: National Night Out and Door Hangars – $812.90
    • North Cliff: Logo Signage – $500
    • East Kessler Park: Median Improvement – $3,570
    • West Kessler: Directory, Electricity, Green Bag Food Drive and Mardi Gras Float – $1,742
    • El Tovoli Place: Alleyway Signs and Neighborhood Events/Meetings – $2,114.33
    • Stevens Park Village: Entry Stone Wall/Sign and National Night Out – $2,199.80
    • Oak Park Estates: Neighborhood Clean Up Drive, Marketing and Family Reunion – $2,495.13
    • Wynnewood North: Triangle Maintenance, Newsletter, Webhosting, Reforestation, Monssen Triangle Upgrade, Car Signs/Lights, Teacher Appreciation and Holiday/Halloween Signs – $8,538.40
    • Beckley Club Estates: Island Landscaping – $688.62

    Celebrating the Turner House and the OCSFA

The Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts Annual Membership Celebration was held June 15th at the Turner House. The mission of the OCSFA is to promote art and culture, and provide responsible stewardship of the Turner House, and this members-only event was a celebration of another year of great work. To say the OSCFA has the full support of Heritage Oak Cliff is a big understatement. Our two organizations are partners in making Oak Cliff a special place for all. Congrats!

More Details on the Recent Short-Term Rental Ban

On June 14, 2023, the Dallas City Council decided to ban short-term rental properties in single-family neighborhoods, including Oak Cliff. Enforcement won't begin for six months, but it's important to understand that short-term rentals (STRs) will still be allowed in certain areas and under certain conditions. As Council member Chad West said, "A compromise solution is the way to go. An outright ban is not." The following are some of the exceptions to the ban and some of the new rules:

    • STRs can only be in commercial and multi-family zoned areas.
    • An on-site parking space is needed for each bedroom (limited to three guests per bedroom).
    • Each STR is limited to a max of 12 people.
    • STRs are limited to 3% of the apartment units for complexes over 20 units, and none allowed in complexes of 20 units or less.
    • The STR must be registered and in good standing with the city, and their HOT taxes must be current. 

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Heritage Oak Cliff Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the architectural, historic and cultural heritage of Oak Cliff, as well as its natural resources, through direct action and public education. We will support our neighborhoods through assistance, grants and training, serving as an umbrella organization that unifies the community for greater advocacy and representation with the City of Dallas. We will promote communication and cooperation between and among organizations and community groups, in order to increase their effectiveness in addressing issues affecting Oak Cliff. It is also our mission to promote Oak Cliff to the wider community as an exceptional place to live.

Heritage Oak Cliff Equity Statement

Heritage Oak Cliff (HOC) champions equity, diversity, and inclusion by providing training, services, and grants to member neighborhoods, and by helping under-resourced and underserved neighborhoods reach their full potential.

CONTACT US - You can message any of our Executive Committee MembersMembers by clicking on their name on at About Us page which shows their email address. Board Members and General Members can be found via the Membership Directory.

Mailing Address:

Heritage Oak Cliff

P.O. Box 4027
Dallas, Texas  75208

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