October 2021

Editor: Jim Hauck

Editors Note: We have been so focused on Passport Oak Cliff, that this month our newsletter will be a bit lighter on content, but still just as important. We also have heard some of our members and supporters felt we over communicated about our Passport event.  We apologize for the level of communication, but we are forging a new path and working out a new event with a new playbook, and sometimes you error on over communicating rather than missing an opportunity. Hopefully those of you that felt oppressed by the communications can find a way to heal and come through that oppressive time in knowing that we will back to a normal cadence, provide lots of funds back to the community, as we are on the home stretch of Passport Oak Cliff communicating.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this edition of Heart of Oak Cliff:

  • Check out our message from our Fundraising Chair.
  • Passport Oak Cliff is this weekend
  • Did you notice our new name and masthead? Well that is not all that is new, we are looking for content from you!
  • Curious about the role of a Neighborhood Rep?

Message from our Leadership

by Trudy Newton - Events Chair

Greetings, {Contact_First_Name} {Contact_Last_Name}!

Frequently I’m asked why are you so involved in Heritage Oak Cliff; what motivates you to have the passion you do?

So, here’s the answer to my lifelong journey. Many years ago, in a leadership workshop I created my personal purpose statement …’To be the best friend to all things.’ Over the years the statement morphed to a more actionable piece: ‘to motivate others to be their best.’ My ‘others’ have included: helping underprivileged families improve their standard of living, assisting first generation young adults attend (and graduate) from college, serving as a mentor in a variety of settings (work, college and community) and supporting animal organizations including street dogs in Ecuador.

After moving to Oak Cliff, I began to explore where I could make the biggest impact and which organization’s mission aligned with my core values. I found Heritage Oak Cliff; or maybe they found me! I’m particularly driven by supporting the neighborhoods to ‘be the best they can’ through training and the HOC grant process. A unique and complete alignment with my community passion.

The journey continued as we created Passport Oak Cliff, once again a full alignment with my life’s purpose statement. The Passport Oak Cliff tagline says it all …’Fun for You. Funds For the Community.’

So, as you join us for this grand event, please celebrate the diversity of our neighborhoods and. Remember by participating you help provide the funding for the neighborhood grants.

Trudy Newton

Events Chair | Heritage Oak Cliff
e: events@heritageoakcliff.org | p: 817.504.7334
w: heritageoakcliff.org

Maps, Newsletters and our Neighborhoods

by Jim Hauck

Our Official Google Maps

Recently there was some scuttle on Facebook about a map, depicting the member neighborhoods of Heritage Oak Cliff. The post was one of our highest engagements on the social media platform and drove a lot of positive and opportunistic discussion about what neighborhoods are covered on our map. 

During this hot debate, a resource emerged and thanks to Austin Miller, a Platinum Member of HOC, we now have some updated mapping resources. The details of the neighborhoods who are members, non-members are now captured in this map (via layers) and we have a resource to keep the map up to date. The boundaries are based on factual data from the City of Dallas, but there is an alternative layer that shows some additional boundaries, which are not official. 

These maps are now on our website in the neighborhoods area, with up to date information. Additionally, we have a stylized map for viewing and identifying neighborhoods. You will see these maps more as Passport Oak Cliff is leveraging them as well for your guide to all the great neighborhood attractions.

New Resources

Are you a fan of our newsletter? Do you often want to look up something, but perhaps can't find the email with the newsletter?

Well look no further. We have started to archive our newsletters and are making them available on the website. We only have August and September so far, but we will continue to add the archives as we now have a way to do so.

Neighborhood Pages with HOC

We are starting to update our pages for each neighborhood that is a member of Heritage Oak Cliff. If you are a neighborhood representative or have information you think is critical to the description of our neighborhoods, we welcome your input. Check out the new design of the Beckley Club and Beckleywood pages to see what we are targeting for our new look. We would love to get a photo of each neighborhood representative, the neighborhood logo, web and social media links, etc. Also, please check your current neighborhood information and if it needs updating, please reach out to vpcommunications@heritageoakcliff.org with your requested updates. This project is a bit of a labor of love, so bare with us as we slowly update pages and become more current, but neighborhoods supplying updated content, photos, etc., will move to the head of the line on a refreshed HOC neighborhood page.

We Want Your Stories

The hardest thing about putting out a monthly newsletter is getting a variety of content. We are interested in all our neighborhoods and want to feature you in our newsletter.

Write a quick article about something going on in your area. It could be an event you just had, an event you are planning, or you want to share lessons learned, or something about a member outreach campaign that really went well. We welcome information to share about an event you have in the future that you want to promote. Share photos of your neighbors having fun and give us captions on what is going on. Most of all we really love updates on your grant projects with pictures..

All you need to do is submit photos (JPG or PNG format), flyers (PNG or PDF format) and a short article (via Google Docs or attached as a Word or Text document) with more information to newsletter@hertitageoackcliif.org. Once you have completed your submission and sent it, someone from Heritage Oak Cliff will reach out to you if they have questions prior to publishing.

Our Inaugural Weekend is Here

by Trudy Newton

If you’re not excited about the upcoming Passport Oak Cliff, you should be!  This weekend, 14 neighborhood attractions, 2 live music concerts, 2 closing parties, and a whole ton of prizes and fun come to life for you. 

If you have already purchased your ticket watch for an announcement about Passport pick up locations for Thursday evening in Oak Park Estates, and Saturday and Sunday at the Turner House. Bring your paper tickets and exchange for your Passports or purchase your passports directly at the event. Watch your email for specific details. We do advise purchasing tickets in advance.

Neighborhood Attractions

  • Winnetka Heights / Arts Mission Oak Cliff – with self-guided tour, artists and games
  • North Cliff / Carnival at Catherine and Pierce – at the 100-year-old North Cliff Neighborhood Center
  • Stevens Park Village / Renowned Alley Garden – hosted by a master gardener
  • El Tivoli Place / Historical Open Porches – with period dress, period night club and putt-putt golf courses
  • Elmwood / Artists Fair – with interactive mural wall and snacks from Elmwood Farm
  • Oakland Terrace / Elmwood Farm
  • Brettonwoods / Gladiolus Aviary Ranch – certified wildlife habitat and free wildflower gift (while supplies last)
  • East Keller Park / Historical Greenbriar Pocket Park – with yoga classes and live music
  • Oak Park Estates / Yards of the Month Tour – famous mid-century homes, each a unique style and seasoned vegetation
  • Wynnewood North / Urban Gardening – with backyard tour, scavenger hunt and more
  • Stevens Park Estates / Architecture and History – historian and conservationist with tour of example homes
  • Winnetka Heights / Historical Turner House – inside and outside viewing of preserved home
  • Polk Vernon / Two Parties – Texas Cultural Center with music on Saturday, block party on Sunday
  • West Kessler / Twelve Hills Nature Center – with Master Naturalist, virtual tours and migrating butterflies
  • Kiest Park Community / Kiest Memorial Tree Grove – established 1933 – 1941

End-of-Day Parties and Prizes

Each Passport Oak Cliff day will end with a party and prizes. Saturday’s party will be at the Turner House, 4:00 – 6:00 pm. Sunday’s party will be at Tyler Station, also 4:00 – 6:00 pm. A highlight of each party will be a raffle for amazing prizes. Remember, the more passport stamps you collect (from visiting the attractions above), the more chances you have to win. Plus, additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the parties. Prizes include:

  • Turner House event rental ($2,600 value)
  • JURA Swiss coffee maker ($1,500 value)
  • Art pieces from David Padilla and Manuel Padilla ($700 value each)
  • Stevens Park Golf Course gift bag ($500 value)
  • UV smartphone sterilizer ($200 value)
  • Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars tickets
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra tickets

Special Concerts - Additional Tickets Required

Concert venue at Arrington Roofing Offices; 2 hours both Sat and Sun 1:00—3:00; limited attendance, additional $10 cost to attend.

Saturday, October 23, 1:00 – 3:00 pm - SWEATIN’ BULLETS

This traditional country music group is made up of four good friends who have been playing together for more 25 years. Their love for the music – and each other – comes through in every boot scootin’ song.

Get your Saturday Tickets Here

Sunday, October 24, 1:00 – 3:00 pm - HAPPY CAMPERS

It started as three dads playing songs for their children at YMCA Indian Guides campouts. 25 years later, Happy Campers has grown into a 7-man classic rock band that brings out the child in all of us.

Get your Sunday Tickets Here

See you there!

What Does a Neighborhood Representative Do?

By Susan Lee

As we create documentation for various HOC procedures, we realized there is no reference to explain the role of the HOC Neighborhood Representative (NR). Here are some guidelines for this position.

The NR is a liaison between their neighborhood and HOC. The NR should hold an individual HOC Membership. The NR attends HOC Board meetings and represents their neighborhood. This includes sharing news of upcoming neighborhood events, requests for assistance with the City, developments in the neighborhood, progress reports on HOC funded projects, issues with the City, etc. Reports can be made at the board meetings, or submitted as articles for the newsletter.

The NR also takes HOC news back to their neighborhood association, promoting HOC events and providing information about the HOC role in the Oak Cliff community. The NR also helps HOC recruit volunteers.

The NR ensures their neighborhood is in good standing with HOC. To be in good standing the neighborhood must be regularly represented at the monthly Board meetings. The neighborhood must also have a current neighborhood membership with HOC, which may be a paid membership, or a membership through volunteering five hours to HOC..

The NR works with their neighborhood to submit grants to HOC, and to ensure that grant application requirements are met. The NR is required to sign the grant application. There must be at least two signatures of officers/reps who are individual members of HOC.

The NR participates in making decisions voted on by the Board. This requires a familiarity with the operations of HOC as well as the views and concerns of their neighborhood association.

The most important thing is to participate and celebrate our successes. HOC is a dynamic organization made up of people who love Oak Cliff and come together to protect and improve our community. The NR should have fun, meet people and make friends.

Business Members

Please support our Business Members. We appreciate their support of Heritage Oak Cliff and they appreciate your business. You may see several new Business Members have joined Heritage Oak Cliff. We made sure as part of their sponsorship of Passport Oak Cliff they got a Business Membership, while existing Business Members received a $250 discount on the Passport sponsorship (the cost of the membership).

Interested in becoming a Business Member? Click here and sign up for your Business Membership today!

Heritage Oak Cliff is an all-volunteer organization. We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to help us build community and improve the neighborhoods of Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. 

Your current membership information is listed below. If you are not a member or your membership has lapsed, please consider signing up or renewing today.

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