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Board 2009

At the annual meeting of the members of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League on November 10, annual reports were given about the Tour, finances, committees and the yearly election was held.

The nominating committee was chaired by the Past President, Barbara Barbee. Committee members were Melanie Loe, Lisa Spayberry, Phil Perry and Jason Wright.

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Take a moment to read about gentrification to get a better idea about the concepts behind the rezoning of older urban neighborhoods like Old Oak Cliff and articles about gentrification in Uptown, in Melbourne, in New York, in Atlanta and in London.   Also, articles about gentrification's effects on small businesses in Brooklyn and independent  small restaurants in Toronto .

Notes from Neighborhood Meetings Regarding the Davis Street Land Use Study

The following meetings were held regarding the Davis Street Land Use Study.  The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League attended them all and here are a few notes of concern from the neighbors about the study thus far:

January Neighborhood Meetings - NOTES FROM THE MEETINGS
January 12 - Old Oak Cliff Conservation League - NOTES FROM THE MEETING
January 26- Hitt Auditorium - NOTES FROM THE MEETING

Bishop and Davis before....

Or After.... the Davis St. Land Use Study

Form Based Zoning Opinions

We make efforts to promote communication throughout our community on issues that our members consider important. In that respect, here are some links to local opinions on form-based zoning.

Preservation Dallas D Magazine Peak's Suburban Addition
Lower Greenville Avenue Lakewood
Dallas Homeowners League
Advocate/Cliff Dweller Angela Hunt Junius Heights

Form Based Zoning Letter to Coucilman Neumann

Dear Councilman Neumann,
It was great to see you last night at the OOCCL Holiday. I would like to take the time at this eleventh hour to visit again on the Form Base Zoning (FBZ) going up for vote on 12/10/08. You’ve said input from the neighborhoods was minimal. Therefore, if you would allow me the opportunity to address this issue from one more perspective.


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