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Advocate/Cliff Dweller poses the $100 Million Question

The new Advocate has a great article about the future of development in our area.  The article is topical and forward thinking while simiultaneously being mindful of our assets and the sentiments that drew many to Oak Cliff in the first place. 

A quote from the article - “This is a strategy that tends to have the opposite effect of most development, which is divisive,” Winnetka Heights resident and urban planner Kevin Sloan says. “This is the kind of project that brings people together, which is what good urban design does.”

The article by Keri Mitchell and Jeff Siegel can be found here.   Also, the podcasts that contain the actual recorded interviews with Kevin Sloan and Stephan Pickard that the article was drawn from are here.  The conversation that the idea came from is here. 

Davis Street Land Use Study - Final Product Sent to Planning Commission

UPDATE 5/27/09:  Dallas Morning News article

UPDATE 5/21/09: Five Council Members vote to place the item on the Council's agenda for June 10th to possibly override  the City Planning Commission's decision. Details here

UPDATE 5/18/09: A report of what transpired on Thursday and Friday can be found on the Dallas Morning News' Oak Cliff Blog here.  The Council could vote to override the Planning Commission's recommendation.  Councilman David Neumann has officially called a meeting on the original Davis Street Land Use Study in it's entirety. 

UPDATE 5/12/09: The Dallas City Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on Thursday May 14 on whether or not to call public hearings on the matter. 

UPDATE 5/1/09: The Dallas City Planning Commission has voted to table action on the Study for another month.

Advocate Blog Article
Oak Cliff People Article

The final product from the developers of the Davis Street Land Use Study has been completed and is available for viewing.  The file is quite large, 47 pages, and takes a while to download but it is very informative.  It contains artist renderings of streets we all know that enable you to visualize what could happen if the plan became law.  You can download the entire document by clicking here or click the examples below.

King's Highway Triangle
Bishop and Canty
8th between Llewelyn and Adams
The Bishop Arts District
Kidd Springs Park
Davis and Clinton
Davis and VanBuren
Buidlng Height of Entire Study

The desired time line of the group is as follows:

April - City of Dallas Planning Commission will open the public hearing process.

April/May - City of Dallas will schedule public hearings with the communities in the proposed study areas.

May/June - City of Dallas Planning Commission will debate and vote on accepting the land use plan and the proposed zoning changes.

June - City of Dallas City Council will debate and vote on the land use plan and zoning recommendations passed by the planning commission.


OOCCL Candidate Forum

OOCCL hosted a Dallas City Council Candidate Forum on March 30th at Tyler Street Methodist Church. 

In attendance from District 1 were candidates Benchot, Epker, Jasso, Gonzales, Segura and Tovar, from District 3; Neumann, Thomas and Walton and from District 5; Robinson and Young.

Our thanks to Phil Leven for organizing and hosting a great event as well as members Lanny Solley, Art Garcia, Judi Glazer, Lybo Buchanan, Vicki Fitzgerald, Bennett Stokes, Darryl Bakker and Steve Springfield for all their help.  And thank you Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, for the great coffee!

A wonderful article detailing the event, by Dallas Morning News writer Dave Levinthal, can be found here and one from Allison Pless at Oak Cliff Online can be found here.

Click More to see pictures.

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OOCCL Newsletter - Quarter 1

The hard copy version of our quarterly newsletter is available for viewing in PDF format here.

501(c)(3) Status and Your Neighborhood

The IRS states in Publication 4220 that "The benefits of having 501(c)(3) status include exemption from federal income tax and eligibility to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. To qualify for these benefits, most organizations must file an application with, and be recognized by, the IRS as described in Publication 4220. Another benefit is that some organizations may be exempt from certain employment taxes.

Individual and corporate donors are more likely to support organizations with 501(c)(3) status because their donations can be tax deductible. Recognition of exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC assures foundations and other grant-making institutions that they are issuing grants or sponsorships to permitted beneficiaries.

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