How To Save A Tree

“Communication” is the key. Citizens have to speak up and give a voice to their needs and expectations. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You must write letters and send them via email, fax, and US Postal. You must make phone calls. You must petition. You must let people who “hold office” know how you feel and that in the future, their terms are determined by your vote. Begin tomorrow by communicating your needs and expectations to the following:

Make your wishes known to the Public Utility Commission by signing this petition.

To:  Texas Public Utilities Commission

We the undersigned property owners served by ONCOR Electric Delivery respectfully request that the Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC)consider changes to the Texas Public Utilities Regulation Act (PURA) which would minimize the current problems with property owners and their trees by following the lead of other forward thinking states and communities around the nation. States such as Oklahoma or communities such as Nashville, Tennessee established regulations that not only minimize conflicts and the negative conflicts and the negative impact to tree health due to trimming;they also ensure more reliable electric service to all consumers.

Current regulation under PURA allows poor quality service to the consumer by electric providers and their sub contractors which created animosity in a community as well as trees that are damaged needlessly. In Nashville, a forester meets with as many property owners as possible to avoid potential conflicts and the distance a tree is trimmed from the wires is based on the species of tree, its age and current growth rate as well the amount of voltage in the wires. PURA allows electric providers to set their own line clearance distance rather than adjusting the clearance according to the given circumstances and a current knowledge of tree growth rates in a region by a professional. If an older tree is growing an average of three inches of tip growth per year,ten feet of clearance(currently required by ONCOR) allows for forty years of growth before it would contact the power line again. The result is extensive damage to the tree, animosity amongst consumers and further loss of foliage which helps to provide clean air for the public.

We, the undersigned firmly believe it is time to stop the constant problems and damage created by PURA and demand resolution of these issues by the PUC.



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ONCOR Meeting With Residents


Some 100 angry residents were present at a meeting organized and facilitated by District 3 Council person David Neumann on Monday August 31st.

Kiestwood President Raymond Crawford and Oak Park Estates President Tony Nuncio, both OOCCL board members, spoke very eloquently to the crowd and then it was ONCOR VP Debbie Dennis' turn.  Ms. Dennis showed a power point presentation and kept returning to the familiar mantra that "ONCOR is responsible for delivering safe reliable electricity"  and that they were "a good neighbor".

Residents then had an opportunity to ask questions and they did until almost 8:30.   Some of the remarks...and responses.

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OOCCL on Sylvan Charette

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League voted at its August Board meeting to support option 3 regarding the reconfiguration of Sylvan Ave. and sent a letter of support for the Ft. Worth Ave. Development Group to use to hopefully bring about more positive change to the area.  That letter is here. 

Adamson Alumni Addresses OOCCL

Glenn Strauss of Adamson Alumni Association addressed the League at our August 10th Board meeting about the intended demolition of Adamson High School by DISD.  Strauss recalled many architectural items of interest inside the school including a stone fireplace in the library, tile reliefs behind the water fountains, a sky light on the 3rd floor and chalk boards on roller tracks that disappear into the ceiling with another chalk board behind them.

Adamson Alumni have secured funds for their own structural analysis of Adamson but they need letters of support for their cause.  Strauss also shared that even DISD's structural analysis does not mention any foundation problems other than some issues with the facade.  It is only on a recent cover letter that accompanies the report where DISD alludes to problems even though none actually exist inside of the report.

Booker T. Washington/Arts Magne
t is a perfect example of how history can co-exist with a state of the art new structure.

Strauss is asking each of our member neighborhoods for written support of their efforts to save the 1915 school.  He may be reached here.

If you are able to discuss this at your next neighborhood meeting, time is of the essence. 

Kessler Plaza Severely Vandalized

On the night of August 12th, Kessler Plaza was severely tagged by vandals.  Several homes and the playground at Moss Park were hit.  The League is in talks with representatives of Kessler Plaza on how we can help and will keep you posted.

If you see any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood, please call the police.  Prosecution is the only thing that will curtail this type of senseless destructive behavior. 

An article was posted on the Oak Cliff Blog yesterday about this incident.