The Heritage Oak Cliff neighborhood grant program has awarded neighborhood improvement grants for years, but the $40,000 awarded this year was nearly double the previous highest amount granted. A record year! This year, in addition to grants for permanent neighborhood improvements and neighborhood association communications, we awarded grants for “Community Building”, allowing neighborhoods to receive grants for events, meetings, block parties, National Night Out, Mardi Gras floats and other events and projects designed to bring neighbors together and build community.

We believe that the exciting economic development in Oak Cliff is the result of and should also be respectful of thriving neighborhoods. Heritage Oak Cliff counts more than 30-member neighborhoods, stretching from Interstate 30 south to Camp Wisdom Road. From long established neighborhood associations to smaller neighborhood groups just getting organized, all contribute to the beauty, diversity, and vitality that is Oak Cliff. The projects awarded grants this year included:


Neighborhood Night Out Party
Website hosting and maintenance
Annual postcard mailer

East Kessler

Website improvement

Kessler Plaza/Ravinia

Entry Beautification

Kessler Neighbors United

Kessler Step renovation/beatification

Kimball Square

Community Building/outreach program

Kings Highway

Mardi Gras Float
Stone Park Beautification

Oak Park Estates

Informational Door Hangers
Yard Signs
School Uniforms for local school kids

LO Daniel

Sidewalk Repair
Neighborhood Events
Communication Update

Steven’s Park Estates

Cinco de Mayo Block Party
Sidewalk Repair

Sunset Hill

Neighborhood Block Party/Food Drive

West Kessler

Electricity for Neighborhood Island Garden
Neighborhood Directory
Curb Address Painting
Mardi Gras Float

Winnetka Heights

National Night Out Party
Sidewalk Repair
Family Fun Fest

Wynnewood North

Neighborhood School Projects
Yard Signs
Web Hosting
Newsletter and Directory Printing
Dog Waste Bags for Waste Stations
Flower/Lawn Maintenance
VIP T-shirts
National Night Out Party


Not all neighborhoods applied for grants this year, but all that applied were granted their requests. Thanks to all of the neighborhoods that are working towards continuing to make Oak Cliff a great place to live. A special thanks to both the grant committee for all of their hard work in reading and granting the awards, as well as the home tour committee for their hard work in producing the Annual Oak Cliff Fall Home Tour which funds the grants.

Great job everyone!