David Preziosi
Preservation Dallas Executive Director

The City Council last month approved the expansion of the existing Demolition Delay Overlay area to Oak Lawn/East Dallas and more of Oak Cliff. Those areas will fall under the same demolition delay procedures as the greater downtown area and a small portion of Oak Cliff which were approved for the Demolition Delay procedures in 2015. The goal of the Demolition Delay is to provide a public process whereby a property which is applying for a demolition permit is reviewed before the permit is issued. The process begins when an owner submits a demolition application to Building Inspections. That department will notify the historic preservation staff at the city of the demolition request, which will initiate a 10-day review to determine if the building is 50 years or older and meets one of 6 criteria: located in a National Register of Historic Places District or individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, be a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, be a State Antiquities Landmark, be a National Historic Landmark, listed as significant in the 2003 Downtown Dallas Historic/Architectural Significant Properties survey, or listed as contributing in the 1994 Hardy-Heck-Moore survey.

If none of the above criteria are met the demolition permit will be issued. If the property does meet one of the criteria, an additional 45-day hold is put on the property during which time the property is marked with a demolition review sign and a public meeting is held by the city with the property owner to discuss alternatives to demolition. If no solution is found to save the building the demolition permit will be issued after 45 days. While this Overlay will not prevent demolition from happening it does slow it down and gives the public and stakeholders a chance to work with the property owners to find a solution other than demolition. To date the overlay has saved three historic houses in Oak Cliff from being demolished and hopefully with the expansion it will help to save even more in the future.

To find out more about the Demolition Delay process click here.

Note on the map: The green outlined area passed in 2015 and the black outlined area is what just got added.