The Bishop - Davis Land Use study was undertaken almost 10 years ago. In 2016, Heritage Oak Cliff, was asked to help get the city to reconsider the zoning along Bishop - Davis so that it is more compatible with the existing buildings in that area (officially PD 830; Subarea 6). Our Board agreed to do that. The Board assembled a committee made up of representatives from the Neighborhood Associations of surrounding neighborhoods - Bishop Arts, Kidd Springs, King's Highway, Winnetka Heights, L.O. Daniel, West Kessler and Kessler Plaza. The committee studied the zoning and forwarded recommendations for change to the City.  

These changes include:

  • Maximum building height be reduced to 36'
  • The residential proximity slope be limited to 3:1 
  • The maximum lot width be reduced to 150

Now the city is asking for public comment and input. During the community meeting on Tuesday evening, staff will provide background on the existing zoning and the proposed changes, and listen to feedback from the community on the proposal. 

Council member Griggs notes that the Bishop - Davis PD has not been thoroughly reviewed publicly in a while, so please come to this meeting and then contact him with your questions and ideas as the City moves forward. If you have questions regarding this meeting in particular, please call Jennifer Muñoz at (214) 670-4208.

Yates Hall, Tyler Street Methodist Church
927 W. 10th St.
April 10
6 p.m.