News About Past Grants and Grant Recipients

2011 OOCCL Grant Applications Due May 31st

OOCCL Grants Due on May 31st!!!  

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2010 OOCCL Grant Receipients

The following grants were awarded at our June General Membership Meeting -
Dells District Grant: Part 1- $ 72.00, Part 2- $ 192.00
Description: Part 1 - Purchase materials for approx 4 welcome packets for new homeowners moving into the Dells District.
Part 2- Hire off duty police officers to patrol neighborhood during holidays with history of random gunfire and fireworks.
East Kessler Park Grant: $ 575.00
Description: Purchase signs to remind drivers in the neighborhood to slow down.
West Kessler Grant: $ 1505.08
Description: 1.Website upgrade and maintenance 2. directory production and printing 3.   flyer and newsletter printing supplies

Kessler Plaza Grant: $ 8760.00
Description: Aid Kessler Plaza in using the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol. This will benefit the neighborhood by preventing and/or reduce criminal activity., Thus, improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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