News About Past Grants and Grant Recipients

At Monday night's reveal meeting, the 2014 Tier II Grants were announced.
Tier II grants are Nonprofit Supplemental Grants, which are funded by moneys left over from the Neighborhood Grants. These projects help enrich our community making Oak Cliff an even better place to live.

Congratulations to:

*** Dallas Mexican American Historical League toward obtaining a Landmark Designation for the Eagle Ford School.

*** Hampton-Illinois Library Friends toward the purchase of Legos at the Library.

*** Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts toward their Turner House North Roof Restoration project.

*** Dallas Homeowners League, to help toward their expense in putting on their DHL Boot Camp in August 2015.

*** Twelve Hills Nature Center, Inc for improvements to their Parking Area, an eco-friendly endeaver.

*** Texas Garden Clubs, Inc & Friends of Oak Cliff Parks in their joint Monarch Butterfly Way Station Project.

*** Fort Worth Avenue Development Group toward maintenance of the Western Heights Cemetery.