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OOCCL Grants Due on May 31st!!!  

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Results of Symposium Survey click

Tell us the three most important issues facing your neighborhood today.
* Code Enforcement
* Crime (Random Gunfire, Speeding Cars, Petty Theft)
* Zoning
* City Services (Road Repair, Understaffed for Historic Preservation)
* Community Involvement
* Beautification
* Solidarity

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your neighborhood association? How would you like to see it improve?

* Strengths: Great Neighbors, Diverse
* Weaknesses: Need more community involvement & participation, Diversity, Serving entire neighborhood ~ not just small segments, Inactive Neighborhood Groups, Reluctance to take on Leadership Roles
* Improve: Louder voice for the community; Crime Awareness and Prevention, Funding & Fundraising

How do you think the OOCCL can better work with neighborhoods to solve challenges and problems?

* Expand to new neighborhoods all over Oak Cliff.
* Be mentor to Neighborhood Associations and their Boards.
* Connect and encourage efforts and cooperation.
* Create forum to share neighborhood success stories.
* Be more Pro-Active by Preparing a "Wish List" of Neighborhood Projects from each Neighborhood.
* Conduct Guidance Workshops for Neighborhood Association Leadership.
* Overall like current direction.

In your opinion, what is the most positive aspect of living in Oak Cliff, and what is the most negative aspect of life in Oak Cliff?

* Negative: Crime, Tagging, Trashy, Risky, Lack of Jobs
* Positive: People (involved), Sense of Identity with those who participate, Diversity, Like Symposiums to exchange ideas, Parks, Trees, Little Traffic, Quirkiness, Accepting Nature of Community, Historic Architecture, Conservation and Historic Districts

Special thank you to Sherry Peel for all her hard work.  Also thank you to Phil Leven Judi Glazer, Phil Perry, Lybo Buchanan, Michele Cox and Michael Amonett.