News About Past Grants and Grant Recipients

The following grants were awarded at our June General Membership Meeting -
Dells District Grant: Part 1- $ 72.00, Part 2- $ 192.00
Description: Part 1 - Purchase materials for approx 4 welcome packets for new homeowners moving into the Dells District.
Part 2- Hire off duty police officers to patrol neighborhood during holidays with history of random gunfire and fireworks.
East Kessler Park Grant: $ 575.00
Description: Purchase signs to remind drivers in the neighborhood to slow down.
West Kessler Grant: $ 1505.08
Description: 1.Website upgrade and maintenance 2. directory production and printing 3.   flyer and newsletter printing supplies

Kessler Plaza Grant: $ 8760.00
Description: Aid Kessler Plaza in using the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol. This will benefit the neighborhood by preventing and/or reduce criminal activity., Thus, improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Kidd Springs Grant: $ 954.00
Description: To support neighborhood safety, schools, and outreach.
Kings Highway Grant: $ 750.00
Description: Provide design services for a landscaping master plan for the North Polk Street Corridor.

L.O. Daniel Grant: $ 4722.00
Description: The L.O. Daniel NA pproposes to build a pavilion in their new neighborhood park that is currently under construction.
Oak Park Estates Grant: $ 1260.00
Description: Sign toppers to placed on the streets of the new area added in November. A total of 19 sign toppers to be manufactured and 19 brackets. The city will install the signs.
Wynnewood North Grant: $ 1500.00
Description:  The Greenbelt project will provide labor for the planting of trees provided by the City. As well as the means to fertilize and water the trees during the first year after planting.
 SPECIAL GRANT / Lida Hooe Elememtary School/Grant: $ 762.59
 Description: Pay for the purchase and delivery of 2 large concrete planters to accompany our front entrance. The planters will create a "container graden" of annual plants.
Total of 10 grants awarded
Total Dollar amount: $ 21,052.67