November 2021

Editor: Jim Hauck

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Message from our Leadership

by Jim Hauck - Secretary & VP Communications

Greetings, {Contact_First_Name} {Contact_Last_Name}!

Please allow me to be the first to wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday Season. 

This year is quickly coming to a close, and everyone is so busy with long overdue visits to family and friends, shopping, and getting ready for a New Year. Hard to believe we are already just over a month out from 2022. 

In this issue of Heart of Oak Cliff, we have lots to celebrate, especially the success of Passport Oak Cliff, and the establishing of a great hallmark event for Heritage Oak Cliff. 

Please take a read below at all of our content. Be on watch for the Holiday Party announcement coming soon, and for a call for nominees for the Heritage Oak Cliff Community Awards.       

Jim Hauck

Secretary & VP Communications

Heritage Oak Cliff

Passport 2021 Wrap Up

by Trudy Newton

As the animated character, Dora the Explorer says: “WE did it! WE DID it! Yeah, WE DID IT!”

Dora’s team was always part of her successful journey, very similar to the Passport Oak Cliff journey. So, let me share how ‘We (POC) did it!’

Passport Oak Cliff grew out of a creative concept into ‘something’ that was fresh, innovative and neighborhood focused. There wasn’t a google map or a clear path on ‘what to do and when.’ Instead, we chiseled away and soon the idea started to take shape - Fun for You. Funds for the Community.

The first part of the ‘big team’ was the notorious POC Steering Team—Jim Hauck, Travis Lee Moore, Mike Matthews, Barbara Macleod, Susan Lee, Austin Miller, Steven Shnayder and Trudy Newton. Eight individuals quickly developed into a high-performance team. We had to flesh out what the structure of POC was going to look and feel like—a daunting task! And, finally we had it—14 unique neighborhood attractions, 2 after-parties with raffles and an interactive artwork, plus 2 concerts.

Saturday Steering Team meetings led to difficult decisions, updates, and many challenging action items. Big chunks that required an enormous amount of effort included: creative, marketing / communications, public relations, social media, sponsorships, neighborhood coordination, volunteer process, after-party logistics, raffle prizes and day-of logistics. However, We Did It!

The next part of the ‘big team’ was the 14 neighborhoods who embraced the initial POC idea. This was core to making the change to showcase Oak Cliff’s mosaic community. It took creativity and hard work to develop each neighborhood attraction. Each was special and unique, reflecting the diversity of the Oak Cliff community. And yes, They Did It!

The third part of the ‘big team’ were our sponsors. We worked hard to gain the trust and support with Schwab and 23 additional companies/individuals. The sponsors provided major funding for POC. Let’s continue to meet and support these companies; their partnering was key to POC’s success. Once again, we did it!

The fourth part of the ‘big team’ were the 24 companies and individuals that provided raffle prizes. Each prize was unique; providing great excitement during the after-parties drawings.

The ‘big team’ had a few butterflies as POC showtime arrived…. neighborhood attractions and concerts were ready with signage and teams, passports were printed and ready for stamping and volunteers were at their stations. The after-parties were set with food/beverages plus raffles.

So, what happened? Participants came; had fun plus learned new, different things about our neighborhoods. They also made new friends and renewed old friendships.

So, in the end what did we do? We:

  • Raised a profit of $21,300 to support the HOC neighborhood grant process
  • Developed a ‘big team’ for Oak Cliff among the 14 neighborhoods and HOC
  • Created an event that showcased the beauty and diversity of the 14 neighborhoods
  • Partnered with sponsors that believed in us
  • Designed the POC success roadmap; we’re now ready for POC 2022!

Elmwood Triangle Project Update
and Butterfly Garden Tips

By Susan Lee

The Elmwood triangle project is moving along. Plants are selected and the garden layout plan is in its final stages. The triangle was dug out by 4 inches and is ready to receive compost, and then to be planted. The fall is a great time to plant a new garden, or add to an existing one. If you are thinking about adding butterfly and pollinator plants to your garden, here are a few tips.

In our area it’s important to provide compost for your butterfly garden. Till the first layer or two into the existing dirt, then fill the bed with compost. A slightly mounded center in the beds will help with drainage. Give butterfly gardens a good foundation so the plants become well established.

Note how the sun hits the beds at various times of day then make your plant list accordingly. Don’t place full sun plants in a shady spot. Choose plants with mature height and girth in mind. There are sometimes height restrictions to work with, such as at a street corner or intersection. If you choose plants that grow taller than the allowable height you will need to trim them back 2-3 times each year in addition to the annual pruning.

Drawing out a garden layout is important. A common error is to overplant. Usually a relatively small plant is used to start. When you leave the proper space for growth between plants, a newly planted garden may look a little sparse. Be sure to provide 3-4 inches of hardwood mulch on top, leaving the bases of the plants free from touching the mulch. Mulch makes any garden look good, and as it breaks down it provides nutrients for the garden.

Many of the popular butterfly and pollinator plants are water-wise and survive in the Texas climate on normal rainfall. However, your garden will need supplemental water in the first year or two, especially in the heat. Once it is established, you will mainly have to weed and prune.

If you want to fill your garden out in the first couple of years, use annuals that don’t come back each year, or use plants that you won’t mind discarding or transplanting later when your butterfly and pollinator plants get to full size. Be patient with your garden. Remember,

The first year it sleeps.

The second year it creeps.

The third year it leaps.

Going vegan ‘cold tofurkey’ is
easier than you think

A Message from our Community Partner - Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Giving up meat for a plant-based diet can be easier than you think, whether you’re going vegan to save the animals or you’re all about clean living.

In fact, many plant-based meals are just as tasty and relatively foolproof when compared with cooking meat, says Carey Shore, MS, RD, LD, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Click HERE to read the whole story and pick-up some great vegan diet tips!

Business Members

Have you noticed the growth in our business members this year? Phenomenal. We started the year with about 3 or 4 steady business members, through Passport Oak Cliff and the work we are doing to be good stewards of Oak Cliff, we now have 2 dozen business members as of the publication of this newsletter. Please be sure you let our business members know you saw them in the "Heart of Oak Cliff" newsletter and found them through Heritage Oak Cliff.

Interested in becoming a Business Member? Click here and sign up for your Business Membership today!

Heritage Oak Cliff is an all-volunteer organization. We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to help us build community and improve the neighborhoods of Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. 

Your current membership information is listed below. If you are not a member or your membership has lapsed, please consider signing up or renewing today.

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