The 2017 Neighborhood Suppliemental Grant Application has arrived!

You may download the 2017 Heritage OC Neighborhood Grant Application (pdf file) via the link below.


2017 Neighborhood Grant Application


Deadline for submitting proposals:

31 May 2017 by 8:45pm

How to Deliver Proposal 


.....Grant Applications must be submitted by 8:45 pm on Thursday, May 31, 2017.

.....Mail or deliver 6 (six) copies to:

.....Angie Mobley

.....808 North Hampton    

Presentation of the 2017 Grants:

When:     12 Jun 2017 @ 7pm
Where:    at the Heritage OC Quarterly Meeting 
                Turner House, 
               401 N. Rosemont Ave, Dallas, TX     

Contact Angie Mobley at this page if you have any questions or concerns.


Mission of Grant Program

Providing grants to enable Member Neighborhoods to complete projects of permanence that contribute to the quality of life in their immediate neighborhood and in Oak Cliff.  Permanence we would define as something being expected to last at least five (5) years.
Grant funds come from monies raised each year by the League's Fall Home Tour. Fall Home Tour monies go back into the Oak Cliff community the following Spring.




Requests duplicating existing programs will result in reduced consideration of grant proposals. For example, requests to purchase trees may not be considered, or require additional information, since the City of Dallas has an existing program to provide free trees to neighborhoods, generally through the City Forester.

A neighborhood may “bundle” several smaller projects into a single application. Documentation must include clearly itemized estimates by project or element. *NOTE: 2014 was Heritage's first year to approve a multi-neighborhood project, so we can consider a project or projects that are coordinated by two (2) or more neighborhoods that will be of benefit to each, or to the Oak Cliff community.

Grant program funds shall be distributed among participating Heritage Oak Cliff Member Neighborhoods.  All requested monies may not necessarily be granted. Grants may be approved for less than the full amount requested. Application to this program does not guarantee a grant will be provided to your neighborhood organization. 


Incomplete applications or applications not received by the deadline will not be considered.  Legible applications are extremely important.  We prefer "typed", PDF completed applications whenever possible. Though if you must "hand-write" your application, please do so in blue or black ink so that the copies made for submission are completely legible.  Illegible grant applications can delay the review process for the Grant Committee.


Grants approved and amounts awarded are at the sole discretion of the Grant Committee of Heritage Oak Cliff.  Decisions of the Grant Committee are final.