One of the few Folk Victorian left in Dallas!

The Struck Family Farmstead was built in 1885.  The Victorian home is in remarkably good shape.  

The following information is courtesy of David Landrum, Student UT Arlington

{Land is listed as being owned by H. Struck in Murphy and Bolanz books that were map makers for the city of Dallas and surrounding communities during the period of 1880-1920.

These maps were done for the city and show original plots and land along with owners names.

Henry Struck is listed as living at the southwest corner of Waite and Stafford in Worley’s City Directory in 1901 and 1910
Original land owned by Henry (Heinrich) and Anna Struck who are listed as pioneers of the Dallas area on Western Heights Cemetery historic plaque. This is the same cemetery where Clyde Barrow is interred

Henry Struck listed as a trustee in the German-American Club on July 7, 1892,

H. Struck listed as Treasurer for Sons of Herman Uhland Lodge No. 22

Letter of Guardianship for Henry Struck filed by Anna Struck lists this property among others in a court filing for lunacy in the case of Henry Struck, the case was filed in Dallas County Court on February 20, 1901.

Several generations are listed over the years with this address
Listed on Texas Historic Sites Atlas
Atlas Number 3300033842
Records house construction date as 1890}