Carefully designed to reflect the high style of the modern era by architect John Thompson, this 1967 home is a mid-century stunner located in a unique enclave in Wynnewood Hills. Bar Harbor Drive is a meandering avenue of one-of-a-kind custom residences and a gorgeous canopy of trees. The house has instant curb appeal with the front facade projecting out like the bow of a sleek vessel. Its handworked masonry is of multi-hued, natural brick deeply embossed with a unique fossil-like finish, seemingly merging the past and the present. Three thousand five-hundred square-feet of style and surprise cleverly divided into a public and a private space await you as you pass through the grand entry door of jeweled glass and turquoise enamel. The soaring interior, the unexpected juxtaposition of angles, the fluid lines, and the use of light are simultaneously soothing and provocative. 

The public space boasts two distinct salons, a gourmet kitchen and pantry for a chef de cuisine, reception and dining areas, and an invitingly intimate zen yard that complements the zen garden in front.  

The private half of the residence features four bedrooms, each with a sleek, en-suite bath. You arrive at these quarters down a hall of glass that affords light into each of the rooms while shielding for privacy is achieved with a serpentine, open-pattern brick wall with a garden in between. The out-of-doors is invited in, as are you.
A second, larger yard completes this idyllic arrangement.

The owner’s French Louisiana family roots extend back to the 17th century and are revealed in an exquisite collection of French and New Orleans works of art from that period forward. These pieces provide a dramatic and dynamic counterbalance to the owner’s mid-century and contemporary art. The artwork complements the soft-hued walls lit by lengths of clerestory windows. Original brick floors and flooring of sustainably harvested hardwood are faithful to both the nature and the era of construction.

Did you step back into time, or has time stood still? Welcome and entrez vous!