Lawndale - Stevens Park Village

The streamlined curves of the roof set this 1941 house apart from its siblings in the Stevens Park Village neighborhood. Austin stone is the common denominator throughout facades in this traditional neighborhood, and 2249 Lawndale Drive takes it to the next level, entirely enveloped in what appears to be unequal blocks of alabaster. A low-slung, hipped roof and partial parapet disguise the ridge, practically providing a flat roof appearance from the street. These facets all crown the home’s overall clean and modern lines. In a neighborhood alleged to have up to a dozen Charles Dilbeck designs, quirkiness abounds, and idiosyncrasies such as terra cotta rosettes, a front porch planter and multiple window forms can be found at 2249.


The current owners, both from the interior design world, were drawn to this charmingly contemporary look and saw potential underneath past insensitive updates. Taken back down to its bones, the home was built up from its original two-bedroom, one-bathroom design to be over 1,800 square-feet. Each room in the house naturally floods with light, making it the perfect work space and gallery for the homeowners’ collections. When extra illumination is necessary, one of the collections at the house is comprised of lamps and light fixtures. Look around and you will notice lighting pieces everywhere.

An ideal layout for family, the home boasts a children’s suite at the rear of the house, which opens to flexible play and entertainment space on the back lawn. The chickens (Hattie, Esther, Ruth and Pearl) and coop in the backyard are the cherry on top, making this an ideal Oak Cliff house!