In response to the outpouring of emotion from the community over proposed renderings of a new development at Zang and Davis called the Bishop Arts Gateway OOCCL launched a petition online to amend PD 830 - Subarea 6.   The drawings showed 5 story structures that stretch sidewalk to sidewalk and the petition speaks to to height, lot size and residential proximity slope.  We also had a booth at Bastille Day where we gathered over 600 signatures.  We currently have a little over 2000 signatures towards this goal.

At our August meeting, we voted to launch a GoFundMe page to gather the approximately $10,000.00 it would cost to amend Subarea 6.

Payment is necessary because a councilperson only gets 2 free zoning cases per year.  Paying expedites the matter by moving the case forward to the front of the line.

On August 27th, the Kidd Springs Neighborhood Association entered a substitute motion to expand the scope of our amendment to include increasing parking requirements. This motion will need to be voted on before moving forward with the original motion addressing height, lot size and RPS.