Nestled atop verdant rolling hills, this 1961 mid-century modern home is a wonderful example of the many intact, ranch-style structures in the historic Kiestwood neighborhood. The current resident is the second owner of this nearly two-acre property. The home was in severe disrepair when the current owner purchased it in 2002. Over a period of several years, it became a labor of love as he restored many of the home’s original features.

Stepping inside the main foyer, note the original flooring throughout the house and on your right the floor-to- ceiling glass alcove with the glass sculpture commissioned by the owner. In the living area, an open, two-way fireplace with its original stone and tile design is shared with the kitchen and dining area. Look carefully and you will see the mason’s masterful artistry imprinted in the stone work and reiterated in the tile mosaic over the fireplace opening. The large windows in the living room offer grand, unobstructed views to the back-patio living space. The large kitchen still has all of its original cabinets, which have been gently restored. Down the hall are the bedrooms, of a size typical for their day and renovated to provide a place of retreat and calm. All of the bathrooms have been updated with modern fixtures and adorned with warm tile finishes. The spacious master suite has its original, floating master closet dividing the bedroom area from the master vanity, all within an open floor plan. Views and access to both the main patio and the private, outdoor living areas flank opposite walls. Exiting out to the main patio, enjoy the space filled with natural stone hardscape and abundant, well-tended landscaping that has become a hobby and delight of the current owner. Wander down the stone steps and take a moment to relax at the stone patio and fire pit. Enjoy the 360-degree view of nature, and you just might forget that you are in Dallas.

The owner’s eye for design and detail, as well as his commitment to restoring this mid-century modern home, makes it a hidden gem well worth the visit.