It has been almost 50 years since Officer Tippit lost his life in Oak Cliff that fateful day in 1963 while trying to detain Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald's initial arrest was due to Tippit's murder, not Kennedy's.
On 20 Nov @ 1pm, at 10th & Patton Streets in Oak Cliff, the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, the Dallas Police Department, and the Dallas Independent School District are holding a Dedication Ceremony for the Historic Marker honoring Officer J.D. Tippit.
It was about 2 years ago that Brad Watson did a story on Michael Amonett as President of OOCCL and during the interview asked him why there was no marker for Officer Tippit. Michael said he did not know and neither did he know how to go about getting one. However, he said he would find out. In the process toward that goal, all these people came out and made it happen.
The Texas Historical Foundation gave $5,000.
Farris Rookstool wrote a 109 page narrative for the designation.
Eric Cowan got DISD to donate the land and allow the marker on their property.
Michael Amonett filled out the application
and has served as the project coordinator.
Michal said "it has turned out as perfect as it ever could culminating with Mrs. Tippit unveiling the marker at the dedication."