News from Scott Griggs

altA few months back, Scott Griggs spoke during the Old Oak Cliff Conservation Leagues' Neighborhood Symposium on his work toward saving an old structure that has virtually been untouched since it was constructed around 1847. The Sharrock/Niblo Farmstead encompasses several historic structures and sites dated circa 1847 that are associated with Everard Sharrock Jr. and Dr. Grady Niblo Jr. A significant property must meet 3 of 10 designation criteria. This property has been determined to meet 8.

The site of these historic structures was originally owned by Evarard Sharrock, Jr. and most recently associated with Dr. Grady Niblo, Jr. and has a long history of documented ownership dating form the Peters Colony settlement.
The historic structures remaining today include a mid-nineteenth century log cabin and log barn as well as a root cellar and well. A newer plank barn, a tin chicken coop, and a farmhouse are located on the site as well, but considered non-contributing to the overall historic overlay.
Preservation and Conservation are important to District 3. Sharrock Park, which is home to the oldest existing buildings in North Texas, is nestled against Grady Niblo Estates and PD 701. On Thursday, November 15 at 1:30pm at Dallas City Hall, this historic site will come before the City Plan Commission and take another big step toward Historic Landmark Designation.
I hope you will join me in supporting this Historic District Overlay and preserving the oldest building in North Texas at it’s original location.