News About At-Risk Buildings and Neighborhoods

 Located in the Kidd Springs Neighborhood this unassuming duplex is where Lee Harvey Oswald posed for his infamous photograph that was on the cover of Life Magazine holding a rifle. Most everyone in America has seen the exterior of this home.

Oswald lived in this house until April of 1963. From this address, he planned and attempted to kill General Edwin Anderson Walker, (who was a member of the Minutemen and the John Birch Society) at his Dallas home. Oswald's shot only missed because it deflected on the window frame on Walker's house.

Oswald moved to New Orleans’s to find work and encouraged by his wife, who was afraid he would take another shot at General Walker.

The photo has been disputed by conspiracy enthusiasts however, Marina Oswald admitted taking the picture, and both the Warren Commission and the House/Senate Committee on Assassinations, verified the authenticity of the picture

The home has been altered and the staircase in the photo has been removed. The home should remain standing and as intact as possible for future generations trying to understand the events that occurred in Dallas that led up to President Kennedy’s assassination.

Thank you to John Crowley for educating us on this property.