News About At-Risk Buildings and Neighborhoods

 Lark Owen Daniel was a Dallas businessman who moved here from Waxahachie in 1890. He founded the Daniel Millinery company downtown and by 1905 was a millionaire and business/civic leader. He was a founder and officer of Mercantile National Bank, now called MCorp, president of the Wholesale Merchants Building Company, Trade League, and president of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel purchased 27 acres of land in the country just outside of Oak Cliff in 1901. As an expression of his wealth, a 5000 square-foot wood frame Colonial Revival mansion was built on this property in 1905. Surrounded by orchards and sitting on a hill, the Daniel family resided in luxury, complete with servants, damask and dinner bells.

Chicago Title took very good care of the landmark for years but moved over a year ago. The structure has been vacant and neglected since. Paint is peeling and railing on the third floor is falling off. The City of Dallas Landmark needs someone to love it.