This home is an example of an architectural renovation and addition that strived to preserve the mid-century character of the original house. Built in 1951 on one-third of an acre adjacent to the Stevens Park Golf Course, the original house was 1,800 square-feet. The owners purchased this property and the adjacent property in 2004.

Their concept was to add a second structure on the south side of the property that mirrored the original, and connect both structures with a contemporary-styled box. Their architectural plan called for generous wall space to house a future art collection, ample room to entertain, outdoor views, and a design conducive to indoor/outdoor living.

Architect Jeffrey Brown (BRW Architects) reconfigured the original (north) structure to become the “private” side of the house, with lower ceilings and smaller spaces for a warm effect. The south structure is all-new construction designed as the “public” side, with higher ceilings and an open floorplan. The indoor concrete floors extend onto the outdoor terraces to create an illusion of a larger space and continuity with the outdoors.

Interior designer Tommy Bishop developed the floor plan throughout the house and he accomplished cohesion between
the old and new structures by selecting similar materials and harmonizing color schemes. He also designed the plan for the guest house by remodeling a 2-story garage. The second floor was cut open to create a loft design, and its north side was transformed into a glass wall. The limestone tower around the staircase was added to create a visually interesting structure that echoes the shape and style of the main entrance to the house.

This home now sits on a ¾ acre lot; it has 4,200 square-feet of air conditioned space in the main house and 600 in the guest house. It was selected by D Home magazine as one of the Ten Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas in 2010.