News About At-Risk Buildings and Neighborhoods

Oak Cliff Christian
300 E. Tenth St.
1916 - Demolished

It is a familiar story and the one that inspired this list. Twenty-three churches once lined Tenth St. So many that the road was listed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not as having more churches per square mile than anyplace else in the United States. Oak Cliff Christian sits on one end of the 8 remaining sanctuaries. DISD pulled a demo permit on December 15, 2009 and OOCCL and our friends begged and pleaded for the district to not demolish the structure but rather use it in their future plans. As demolition became more imminent and light could be seen through the ripped off windows and the exposed boards inside, OOCCL and Past President John McCall filed suit in District Court. Judge Martin Hoffman of the 68th court echoed our statements about the building ordered us to mediation.

The result was that OOCCL has until August 15th to secure a contract on the building and until October 29th to close the sale or DISD may tear the structure down. The structure mobilized the community.  Monte Anderson and Options Realty have worked very hard. Two recent offers were contingent on parking and DISD turned a deaf ear. It is to be shown to a State Representative and has been shown to a couple of charter schools, a photographer and wedding event organizer, condominium developers, a local non-profit actively involved with DISD students, Dallas Central Ministries. We had an open house with about 100 patrons.

If the church does not sell and we do not prevail, it will not be from lack of trying and it will not be from lack of attention with considerable thanks to all the kind people in the media that devoted their time to making sure everybody knew about Oak Cliff Christian.

What about the other churches of Tenth and what is their status?

El Bethel Baptist
1130 E. 9th St.
1905 - Protected - Contributing structure - Tenth St. Historic District

Oak Cliff United Methodist
547 E. Jefferson Blvd.
1894 - Protected - City of Dallas Landmark

Cliff Temple Baptist
125 Sunset
1923 - Not Protected

Christ Church Episcopal
534 W. Tenth St.
1921 - Protected - City of Dallas Landmark

Tylet St. Methodist
927 W. Tenth St.
1921 - Not Protected - (Landmark paperwork 90% completed)

Calvary Baptist
1822 W. Tenth St.
1922 -
Not Protected

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