Unlike modern-day developers, who often fail to provide neighborhoods with the facilities necessary for everyday life, Angus Wynne and his advisers planned a large shopping center at the heart of their community. Begun in the summer of 1947, by 1954 the Wynnewood Shopping Village had expanded to 150 shops on 53 acres (210,000 m2) with 6,400 parking spaces. There were a movie theater, a post office, the Wynnewood State Bank, department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, furniture and jewelry stores, doctors’ offices—even a hotel. What made (and still makes) the Wynnewood Shopping Center unique is the fact that it is laid out like a “village”: shops are not crammed into one huge air-conditioned complex, but are housed in blocks of one-story buildings surrounded by trees.

Former businesses included Fred's Barbecue, Goff's Hamburgers, Montgomery Wards and Colbert-Volk: a dress boutique with a fully enclosed glass monkey cage located in the back of the store.

Unfortunately, the Theater is now gone.