Cedar Hill - East Kessler

Built in 1936 for the World’s Fair and the centennial anniversary of the State Fair of Texas, 1302 Cedar Hill Avenue celebrates its 75th anniversary this year as an architectural icon in East Kessler Park. The Roy Eastus Realty Company selected the site for its elevation and stunning east and west views of the city skyline. More than four-and-a-half miles of electric wire were installed to power state-of-the-art General Electric kitchen appliances, interior lighting, and the outdoor living areas and swimming pool, earning the residence the title of the “Electric House”.

Electric indeed, its Bauhaus Moderne design electrified the architectural status quo and was the source of much controversy as the more ornamental and sophisticated Art Deco of the 1920s gave way to the much more rebellious, curvaceous and streamlined Bauhaus style, the likes of which had never been seen in Texas. It was conceived and built as a model home and companion to such thrilling Dallas designs as the Great Hall of Texas and Magnolia Lounge unveiled at the 1936 World’s Fair at the Cotton Bowl. 

The “Electric House” was a statement in style as an oasis for urban living.  Similar homes were being designed and built in West Hollywood, California at a cost of $4,000 making the Texas-sized $15,000 price tag of the Kessler Park structure even more infamous.

The home has been painstakingly restored and updated to enhance its timeless modern lines with flourishes that include a European-design contemporary kitchen, hand-etched concrete flooring,  6 secluded outdoor living spaces, breathtaking second-story views, swimming pool, an all-organic garden, Oak, Cedar and fruit trees, plus a stunning collection of jazz photography, original art, sculpture and furniture created and collected by owner, artist, jazz promoter and media personality Cameron Smith,  joyfully shared with his long-time girlfriend, Barney’s of New York Fashion Consultant  Summer Kretzschmar, and their dapple dachshund Dizzy Gillespie.