This year's 2011 OOCCL Fall Home Tour has netted a record $30,006.00 in funds for the organization.

Under the direction of OOCCL Exec VP and Home Tour Chair Michele Cox and even with the current economy and one day of solid rain, the tour was a phenomenal success! 

Some of the most consistent positive feedback centered on the 111 year old Lansford convent/speakeasy property (above) and the Oak Park Estates neighborhood (below) Many knew nothing about Oak Park Estates before the area had 2 homes featured on this year's tour.

Much of this year's success can be attributed to our new relationship with Tom Thumb and tickets being available there for one month prior, our new sponsorship level which we can thank our longtime partner Hewitt and Habgood for and the incredible pre-tour press we received.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers without whom we could never pull such an event off.

Thank you to all the sponsors whose financial support is immeasurable.

Most of all, thank you to the homeowners who graciously opened their homes to the public - even in a torrential rain storm.

Special thanks to:
Michael Amonett - media relations
David Cooper - advertising
Randy Mills - treasurer
John Stolly - ticket brochure and poster design
Sherry Peel - liaison coordinator
Phil Perry - amazing pre-tour party
and most of all...
Michele Cox - home tour chair whose thinking outside the box, drive and dedication put us over the top.