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Fred and Ethel are waiting to greet you in this 1920’s bungalow. They aren’t the owners, but their presence is a dominant piece of the design aesthetic crafted by Lisa shortly after she and Peter purchased the home in 2018.

This aesthetic of this home could clearly be defined as modern mid-century museum. Every work of art and piece of furniture inside this 1,500 square foot home is curated and strategically placed to stir Zen-like emotion within the observer. As the curator, Lisa notes her style is uncommon. ‘I’ll definitely leave a spot empty and blank rather than place a piece that doesn’t fit.’

Several eclectic pieces on display have survived cross-country or worldly adventures. An art-deco mirror travelled under personal supervision from Southern California. The intricate Japanese Geisha figurines in the dining room / office were carried by hand down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue in order to prevent damage. African beaded head dolls journeyed from the other side of the world. Provincial French dinnerware acquired on a summer getaway is carefully stacked on the open shelving inside the kitchen. Stylish lamps, family heirlooms, and many other pieces adorn different areas of the home.

The canvas for the entire collection is visually stunning. Lisa and Peter enhanced the home’s lighting, windows, and modified the footprint to provide showcase areas for every piece. In Lisa’s words, ‘Lighting is the Jewelry of a home.’ It shows.

The thoughtful design motif doesn’t stop at the back door. The backyard is designed to entertain and invoke images of southern hospitality, comfort, and tranquility.

Incidentally, Ethel maintains court in the sitting room, and her partner Fred monitors the entertainment quarters. (Fred and Ethel are an Ethiopian Sable and a South African Oryx, respectively)

Architectural Style: Classic Bungalow
Year Built: 1930
Neighborhood: Winnetka Heights




Well-maintained bungalow facade

Cornerstone Home Lending logo

Open den with white walls and furniture

Dining room with dark wood furnishings and a blue accent wall

Kitchen with white cabinets, dark granite countertops and brushed steel appliances

Backyard with a clean pool and spiral staircase to the second floor


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