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It is rumored that the home of Phillip Hearn was one of the original schoolhouses in Oak Cliff. The non-traditional roofline, the atypical floorplan, and distinctive character from several additions would likely distract students from their studies but make a perfect home and an architectural treasure for Kessler Square.

When Phillip purchased the home in 2015 after an exhaustive real estate search, the only functional aspect of the house was the pool. Since then, he’s engaged in an extensive renovation program that has seen dramatic transformations. The garage / carriage house hosts an ultra-modern kitchen and guest quarters. The outdoor living area has been transformed by succulent and native plant gardens, updated decking, landscape design, fencing, and a beautiful outdoor shower that combines indoor and outdoor living seamlessly.

The main house has also undergone a transformation. The hodgepodge exterior has seen a new facing, which has converted the home from a schoolhouse bungalow to the stately Shingle Style typical of a Cape Cod getaway cabin.

“When I first moved in, nobody knew where to knock!” Phillip quips, as he discusses how three front doors was extremely confusing to friends unfamiliar with the home. "With a little carpentry, this is no longer an issue, and the elimination of a door gave me more space to implement a floorplan for my lifestyle."

To match the atypical exterior, Philip has implemented atypical features indoors as well. The floorplan was originally built around a large tree that shaded the house. After the tree died many years ago, previous owners enclosed the space, which has now become a focal point for the home. A circular staircase leads to an extra room upstairs, and a European staircase leads to an office overlooking the pool.

To keep some of the nostalgia of the original home as well as some personal history, Philip proudly displays a piece of art called “Phil’s Cabin” just inside the entryway. His father, who now has Alzheimer’s disease, painted the work for his son when he was only seven. The piece is now framed in remnants of original siding recaptured during the renovation. When his father comes to visit, he always stops to examine the photo, and smiles at some distant memory.

Architectural Style: Shingle Cottage
Year Built: 1935
Neighborhood: Kessler Park




Well-maintained angular cottage facade

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Open den with white walls and furniture

Dining room with dark wood furnishings and a blue accent wall

Kitchen with white cabinets, dark granite countertops and brushed steel appliances

Backyard with a clean pool and spiral staircase to the second floor


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