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Listen to the creaky floors as you pass through the majestic double doors into the restored living and dining room of this century old home. Admire the natural lighting from the 50+ windows; the 9 ½ foot high ceilings; the original, well-worn floors; the dark-stained woodwork; and the many architectural features common for the era. Go upstairs and relax among the treetops in the redesigned office, bedroom, and bathroom.

Now envision all this space as a single-family home in 1917 with the latest must have commodity: electricity. Fast forward several years and imagine the open spaces filled with antiques neatly displayed for purchase when the home was converted to an antique shop. Picture the home and backyard divided into several rooms for both female and male boarders during the war and post war years. And finally, recognize and appreciate the work done by the last three homeowners to restore it to the beautiful state it’s in today.

When Laura and Eric found this home in 2016, they immediately fell in love with the design and style. The history, original features, and layout spoke to them. Laura, an architect by trade, redesigned the kitchen and upstairs to focus on the natural light and windows while at the same time, making the house functional, comfortable and casual.

Less than a year after moving in, renovations were completed just in time to welcome daughter, Oona. Just as it has been over the years, the house is a constant work-in-progress, evolving to suit the shifting needs of its inhabitants. Oona, Laura, and Eric welcome you into their home that returns to the HOC home tour after its first appearance on the tour almost four decades ago, in 1980. Take an opportunity to read and review the well-documented history and enjoy this treasure of Oak Cliff.

Architectural Style: Airplane Bungalow
Year Built: 1917
Neighborhood: Kidd Springs




Ranch home facade with large trees in front

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Bright sitting room with modern furniture and knick-knacks

Living room with light blue walls and a vaulted ceiling

Kitchen with vaulted ceiling, white cabinetry, and light granite countertops

Green backyard with a pool


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