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Tucked away off this quiet street in Stevens Park Estates, you’ll find an unassuming, yet charming cottage bungalow waiting to be explored. ‘Unassuming’ is the keyword here. Prepare to be amazed at this little, yet not so-little home. Once you step inside, you’ll understand.

As you approach from the street, a unique arrangement of ceramic and porcelain globes in the front flower bed speaks quietly, but directly: ‘Artists live here.’ Pass into the home and immediately take note of the artwork on display. The synergy between the home’s structure and interior design with individual art pieces makes the entire home a display piece in and of itself. Original coves, nooks, and niches typical of 1930’s cottage design highlight the beauty of the art on display, as if the art and the home were made for each other.

Owners Mary Alice and Monty met and married overseas and after some time living abroad, returned to Texas to make their forever home. On a fall day 1992, they began looking for homes, visited this home, and signed the contract that day.
For the first 25 years in this home, they maximized the original 1100 square feet, which had been originally built for a pair of sisters. Intermediate owners had done some renovations adding a master suite upstairs. The home was comfortable and cozy. Mary Alice used the woodshop out back as her design and art studio and eventually drafted up a plan for an addition to the home.

Upon completion of her renovations in 2016, the home doubled in size. It now includes an impressive den/library, a studio/design center that makes every visitor green with envy, and a universal design bathroom for aging in place. Once you have completed the tour, you’ll understand why ‘unassuming’ defines this house perfectly.

Architectural Style: Cottage Bungalow
Year Built: 1936
Neighborhood: Stevens Park Estates




Modern Cottage home facade

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Living room with narrow coffee table and modern furnishings

Breakfast nook with circular table and various greenery throughout

High kitchen with granite countertops and dark wood cabinetry

Room with long dining/meeting table with large bookshelves on walls


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