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When asked to describe the architectural style of the home, Hank and Dale bantered back and forth: “Prairie… no… Queen Anne… but maybe… Victorian… perhaps… Craftsman.. and some… Tudor!”

Indeed, this two-story home reflects many different styles common in early 20th century. It was constructed as a ‘sister home’ to another home on this year’s tour: 606 Blaylock. Built by the same family around the same time, the two houses encase an empty lot which served as a shared green to tie the families together.

Over the years, this house has seen several changes, though the footprint and exterior remain almost the same as the original construction with the exception of some work to the main kitchen, scullery kitchen, and laundry facilities. By the time Dale and Hank purchased it in 2009, it had been restored to a single-family home and was a perfect fit for the couple and their personalities. “We grew up together as people and musicians” comments Dale, ‘we’ve always lived a Bohemian lifestyle and our house reflects it.’

It’s difficult to describe in a limited space everything Bohemian about the home. Every room is adorned with a cacophony of art, books, collectibles, and unique furniture pieces. The pieces complement the architecture and the architecture complements the design. In fact, a central and unifying theme is, ironically, the diversity of chairs. Each room has at least one or two chairs of differing styles that magically tie everything together.

When asked to describe their art preferences, they immediately piped in: ‘We are Saints & Sinners types! We love the iconic religious artwork, but we like juxtaposing that with bawdier, culturally fun pieces.’ Peppered throughout the home, you’ll find saints and Madonnas alongside the substantially less godly. “Their uniqueness represents our uniqueness.”
Hundreds of fascinating stories originate from the walls, décor, and residents of this home.

Architectural Style: Conglomerated Victorian Prairie
Year Built: 1923
Neighborhood: Lake Cliff




Modern Victorian home facade

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High-ceilinged kitchen with a large central island

Large living/sitting room with white walls, wood crown molding, and full book cases

Large backyard with a flagstone patio and lots of greenery


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