1. Historic Churches of Tenth St. / Various 2010 List

Oak Cliff Christian
300 E. Tenth St.
1916 - Demolished

It is a familiar story and the one that inspired this list. Twenty-three churches once lined Tenth St. So many that the road was listed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not as having more churches per square mile than anyplace else in the United States. Oak Cliff Christian sits on one end of the 8 remaining sanctuaries. DISD pulled a demo permit on December 15, 2009 and OOCCL and our friends begged and pleaded for the district to not demolish the structure but rather use it in their future plans. As demolition became more imminent and light could be seen through the ripped off windows and the exposed boards inside, OOCCL and Past President John McCall filed suit in District Court. Judge Martin Hoffman of the 68th court echoed our statements about the building ordered us to mediation.

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3. Boude Storey Middle School / 3000 Maryland 2010

RISK - Insensitive alteration. This exemplary piece of architecture deserves Landmark status.

Mark Lemmon, an architect with a cherished history in Texas, designed Boude Storey Middle School. Throughout his 50-year career, he designed numerous academic, religious, commercial and residential projects. Noted works in Dallas include eighteen buildings on the SMU campus, Third Church of Christ Scientist in Oak Lawn, Tower Petroleum Building, The Cotton Bowl, and many others for Texas Centennial Exposition. During a partnership with fellow architect, Roscoe DeWitt, the firm was responsible for the design of Sunset High School, Woodrow Wilson High School, and Highland Park Methodist Church. He served as consulting architect for the Dallas Independent School District from 1945 to 1968.

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5. Wynnewood / Zang at Illinois 2010

RISK - Demolition and iinsensitive alteration.

Angus Wynne Sr. had a vision of a “self-contained community”. Beginning in 1946 and ending in 1954, Wynne built his 850 acre dream near Zang, Vernon and Illinois. From modest homes in the original Wynnewood to the upscale Wynnewood North, from the affordable apartments to the shopping, dining and movie theater, everything needed was provided. A bank, a hotel, a professional building, a department store; everything was located at Wynnewood with the centerpiece shopping village represented by monochromatic red brick in 50’s style low slung flat roofed structures.

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4. Eagle Ford School / 1601 Chalk Hill Rd. 2010

RISK - Lack of city services.

Located in the area known today as Pinnacle Park but previously as Cement City, the Eagle Ford District 49 School sat alone for years out on Chalk Hill Rd. This 1916 structure was built using cement from the nearby quarries where the town got its name. The roof is 5" thick steel reinforced cement and the walls are 14" to 16" thick made from two layers of cement bricks with 6" of cement layered in between. The structure is 4000 sq. ft. with a boy’s entrance to the north and a girl’s entrance to the south and an auditorium entrance behind. At each of these doors are half staircases up to the classrooms and down to the basement. It was in the basement where a report card of the school’s more famous alumni was discovered – Miss Bonnie Parker.

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6. Lupita Cafe / Polar Bear Ice Cream / 1207 N. Zang Blvd. 2010

RISK - Aggresive zoning.

City documents say this structure was built in 1932 for Shell's Hamburgers but others suggest it was the late 1920's  Most known for its incarnation as Polar Bear Ashburns's, it did not become Polar Bear's flagship store until 1946 - and it remained that until the mid-80's.  The whimsical nature of the plaster work suggests the structure was built to compliment the Lake Cliff Park buildings that used to make up the amusement park across the street.  In fact the entire area was dotted with walk-up Root Beer stands and hamburger joints for some time.  This is all that remains of that time.

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