7. Stevie Ray Vaughn's Home 2011 List

Blues is the music of people who have tasted not only the sweet things in life, but also the tragedy, the struggle, the loss and redemption; not music for top 40 listeners, but for people who are willing to stare life and death in the eyes, and sing about it. The same can be said for different parts of a city. There is the “safe” and “predictable” part of town, and then there is Oak Cliff. Where else could a Dallas Blues legend like Stevie Ray Vaughn come from than a part of town that isn’t afraid to take what life dishes out and use it to cook up a song.

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6. 214 W. Neely 2011 List

 Located in the Kidd Springs Neighborhood this unassuming duplex is where Lee Harvey Oswald posed for his infamous photograph that was on the cover of Life Magazine holding a rifle. Most everyone in America has seen the exterior of this home.

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3. Annabelle Clopton Building 2011 List

 On the eastern edge of the Bishop Arts District is one of the least recognized potential assets to the Bishop / Davis area. The mixed-use building offers leasable storefront space on the ground level and rental living quarters on the second level with an interior atrium. The current 15-year owner, Dennis Victor, has used the building for almost the same purpose as the original owner, some 85 years ago.

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4. Lark Owen Daniel Mansion 2011 List

 Lark Owen Daniel was a Dallas businessman who moved here from Waxahachie in 1890. He founded the Daniel Millinery company downtown and by 1905 was a millionaire and business/civic leader. He was a founder and officer of Mercantile National Bank, now called MCorp, president of the Wholesale Merchants Building Company, Trade League, and president of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

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5. Virginia Manor 2011 List

 Virginia Manor located at the corner of Ft. Worth Ave. and Plymouth was built in 1948 at a cost of $1,236,700. There were 156 units total. The forty-two 2-bedroom units rented for $97.50 a month and the 114 one-bedroom units went for $80.50. They all had hardwood floors and built-in cabinetry like many of the surrounding Stevens Park Estate homes. They were the best the time offered.

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