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News from Oak Cliff Neighborhoods

  • Home Tour Reveal - 9/10

  • Oak Cliff Fine Arts Annual Fundraiser 9/15&16

  • Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts presents: The Life and Work of Jerry Bywaters

    John Bywaters original house artwork
  • Jan 18 Wynnewood Village meeting with developer

  • Meadow Loop Trail is officially open!

    big group community picture at the ribbon cutting celebration for the Meadow Loop Trail
  • Heritage OC Hosting Three Candidate Forums in April

    Clock with the words Time To Decide
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  • Alleged Murder Suspect - Oak Cliff Hairdresser Captured in LA


    Rachel Stone - Oak Cliff Advocate 

    The man accused of posing as Oak Cliff neighbor Ron Shumway, whose body was found entombed in concrete in the back yard of his home on Winnetka, has been captured.

    U.S. Marshals in Los Angeles arrested Christopher Brian Colbert, 43, and he is awaiting extradition to Dallas on three fraud-related charges: tampering with governmental record, securing executing of document by deception and money laundering.

    After police announced in October that Shumway had been missing since April, real estate documents revealed that his house had sold in June. Police say Colbert posed as Shumway to sell the house and that he assumed Shumway’s identity to retrieve funds from the sale from a bank account Shumway owned.

    Shumway’s body was discovered by a home investor in September.
    The Dallas Voice identified Colbert, who also was known as Christian, as a former photojournalist for that publication. Colbert also was a hairstylist who invented a product to prevent bleach and hair dye from ruining a makeup job, according to the Voice story.

  • Adamson in the Running for New Magnet School


    Robert Wilonsky - Dallas Morning News

    School board president Eric Cowan agrees: Downtown’s an option. But only an option.

    So, too, he said, is the old Adamson High School campus on Ninth Street and Beckley Avenue in Oak Cliff, which closed four years ago when students were moved into the $48 million replacement across the street. DISD had once hoped to raze the century-old campus.

    But the school board recently set aside $10 million in the 2015 bond program for a transformation school, which would operate like a magnet but without the academic entry requirements. And Cowan, pointing to North Oak Cliff redevelopment, has long eyed Adamson as a potential site for one of those campuses.


  • $353,000 in repairs to begin at Kidd Springs Park


    By Rachel Stone at the Advocate

    Construction on two major repair projects totaling about $353,000 are expected to begin soon at Kidd Springs Park.

    The two projects will repair an enormous underground culvert, bring the dam up to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality standards and improve the shoreline around the pond.

    The most expensive piece is repairing the giant culvert, which will cost $208,000, from 2006 bond funds.

    There is limestone about 4-5 feet beneath the soil at Kidd Springs. Many decades ago, a drainage culvert 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep was cut into the limestone, and the culvert was capped with a 4-foot concrete arch. The City of Dallas discovered a few years ago that part of the arch had collapsed, and further investigation found that parts of the limestone walls had eroded.

    That’s when the city erected that unsightly chain-link fencing just west of the pool; it’s been there for three years now as a precaution against potential sinkholes. But it will be removed later this year if all goes as planned. Work is expected to begin this month, and it could be completed in October.


  • Kiest Pergola Wins Preservation Texas Award


    The reconstruction of the Kiest Park Pergola in Dallas (originally constructed in 1934) was recognized with a 2016 Honor Award on February 18th.

  • Cannon's Village Gets Historic Tax Credit Exemption Status


    Oak Cliff's 1314 West Davis Street a/k/a Cannon's Village awarded Historic Preservation Tax Exemption status. Thank you to Kacy Jones
     and his entire family for this beautiful restoration to 1922!!  Cannon's won the OOCCL 2014 Ruth Chenoweth Preservation Award.

  • Oak Cliff Landmark and Former At-Risk Property For Sale


    By Robert Wilonsky at the Dallas Morning News

    A 111-year-old Oak Cliff landmark long considered endangered can be yours — for the nice price of $575,000.

    Now, in a perfect world, it might be listed for a little less. Barbara Reeves, the RE/MAX agent who has just put the mansion on the market, doesn’t hide the obvious: The gem has faded, and needs some $100,000 worth of work to make it whole again. “Scraped and painted” would be a good enough start, she said Thursday. But just a start.

    Still, there is no doubt that it’s an estimable piece of property, 4,100 square feet of history planted on W. Jefferson Boulevard directly across the street from Sunset High School. The Victorian farm house, surrounded by far more modest fare, has but one functioning powder room spread among its myriad bedrooms. But it does boast a third-floor ballroom


  • Chalk Hill Trail Coming to Oak Cliff/West Dallas


    By Rachel Stone for Oak Cliff Advocate

    The first section of the City of Dallas’ trail system to reach West Dallas also will be one of its prettiest.

    The planned Chalk Hill Trail follows a 3.7-mile path originally cut by the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad, from the DART station at Wright and Illinois and snakes around to West Davis and Chalk Hill Road. In fewer than four miles, it travels through varied scenery, including residential neighborhoods and forested areas, reaching the chalk cliffs above West Davis.

    The trail will be 12 feet wide and paved with 6-inch reinforced concrete. Dallas County is paying $6 million for the trail, and the City of Dallas is paying $100,000 for environmental testing and remediation.

    The city is expected to finalize its design for the trail next summer, and construction should being in winter 2017. It should take about a year to complete the trail, so it could be open sometime in 2018.

    When it opens, there won’t be lighting or any other amenities along the trail. Fundraising from private “friends of” groups have paid for those extras on the Katy Trail and at White Rock Lake, for example.


  • Congratulations to our New Officers


    Congratulations to our new officers elected at our January 11th meeting. Our new officers are:

    President - Judy Pollock
    Vice President - Ellie Hajek
    Vice President of Membership - Stan Aten
    Vice President of Neighborhoods - Angie Mobley
    Vice President of Communication - George Baum
    Teasurer - Ellen Kreager
    Secretary - Judi Glazer
    Past President - Lisa Benskin

    Contact them by clicking here

  • Oak Cliff Residents Want to See Neighborhoods Reconnected - CBS11


  • Citizen's Task Force Concepts for Southern Gateway

    Southern Gateway Ppt Presentation_10-Nov-2015


  • OOCCL votes to support the Preservation of Rosemont Elementary

     OOCCL voted unanimously at their November Board meeting to support the preservation and restoration of the exterior of the oldest segment of Rosemont Elementary.

    Rosemont was built at the same time as Booker T. Washington High School, Lida Hooe Elementary and Sunset High School.  

    Booker T, Lida Hooe and Rosemont have identical facades.  Rosemont was covered up with panels in the 1970's.  The bricks can be seen behind the gutters and an official with the school says the window openings are there as well.  

    Paula Blackmon from DISD attended the meeting and said now that the bond has passed, discussion of Rosemont's new school will be moving forward and preservation will definitely be part of that discssion.

  • Above ground parking garage for Bishop Arts? 

     Talks are underway to possibly hire Walker Parking Consultants for a consulting contract on the addition of an above ground parking garage at Bishop Arts Village.  Details here. The linked document seems to suggest this structure would charge for parking.  Previous discussions had only mentioned below grade parking that would be overparked by 30% with no charge for the public.  No word yet on how the two are related.

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