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At-Risk Structures

There are many neighborhoods housing architectural treasures that don't have a historical designation. This means that valuable pieces of history can be torn down for new developments. These structures go on our "At-Risk" list. The Risk List was an idea borrowed from The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Preservation Dallas’ List of Endangered Historic Places, with a focus on Oak Cliff, during a time when economic development was on the forefront and zoning changes were under debate. Publishing the Architecture at Risk list, specifically for Oak Cliff, is our way of educating and bringing public awareness to the potential loss of historic, architecturally significant or iconic buildings and places in our own community.


News About At-Risk Buildings and Neighborhoods

Oak Cliff National Register Historic Districts

Parent Category: At Risk  Published: 11 June 2014

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Monday June 9TH - 7:00 PM

Parent Category: At Risk  Published: 31 May 2014

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  1. Purpose
  2. 1. Oak Cliff Pump Station at Oak Farms Dairy c.1913
  3. 2. Lancaster Avenue Commercial National Register Historic District c.1910-1944
  4. 3. 635 N. Zang - Mayor George Sergeant's Home c.1910
  5. 4. 1045 N. Zang Blvd. - Zang's Storefront c.1914
  6. 5. 500 N. Ewing - J.G. Davis c.1910
  7. 6. 211 E. Colorado - Oak Cliff Floral c.1938
  8. 7. 1207 N. Zang Blvd. - Polar Bear c.1932
  9. 8. N. Bishop Ave. and the Miller-Stemmons National Register Historic District c.1910 - 1930's
  10. 9. Kovandovitch Concrete House - 523 Eads c.1914


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